Can Halo 3 conquer Japan?

Halo 3 will hit Japanese stores on September 27 - the day after UK gamers get their Master Chief fix.

FPS isn't a very popular genre over there, but Halo 3 could do pretty well.

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ben hates you4185d ago

we will find out 9/25/07, so lets wait,

Satanas4185d ago

My best guess is that it'll do better than your average FPS simply due to the general popularity of the game amongst 360 owners worldwide.

I think saying "conquer" is going a little way too far, though.

Syko4185d ago

I think "Conquer" = 100 units sold, LOL

Satanas4185d ago

LOL! Then again, what is considered abysmal sales here is probably amazing for Japan.

Raptors4185d ago

Couldn't have said it any better myself. There's too much hype around Halo that the japanese can't ignore. However, don't expect anything to save the 360 in Japan. And not to open up a can of worms or anything but who the hell really cares what Japan thinks? North America and Europe are far bigger markets. Yes I know their history with gaming but the way everyone talks about Japan is like they're the God of Gaming. As far as Im concerned, emphasis should be placed on North America and Europe, not Japan.

Satanas4185d ago

Japan will be more of a market with stuff like Lost Odyssey for 360 and White Knight Story for PS3.

But seeing how FolkSoul (so far at least) and Trusty Bell haven't done remarkably well, I don't know just how pushed Japan is about non-Nintendo consoles at this point.

PS360WII4185d ago

Raptors I don't see how you could say that Japan is not that big of a gaming force. Sure the 360 and PS3 aren't selling that great, but every week they buy 100k+ of DSL and 60k+ of Wii. So it's still a big market just not for anyone but Nintendo right now.

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PS360WII4185d ago

haha I could help but laugh at the whole "conquer" thing too. Yes it'll sell but conquer is another matter entirely

ItsDubC4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

What exactly does "conquer" mean? If it means selling more than any other game for a significant amount of time, I would say no. But if it means inducing more ppl to buy 360s (and some would consider that enough of an accomplishment to call it "conquer"), then that's much more of a possibility.

In the end tho, just as americans aren't interested in educational games, the japanese care little about FPSs.

Syko4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

It would be the ultimate kick in the balls if Halo 3 ended up moving "Massive" amounts of 360's. With all the RPG and Japanese type games MS has been working on,and failing with. Could you imagine the horror on the faces of the Sony side if the news title on the 28th was "Halo 3 Sells out everywhere, No 360's left on shelves". Hell even the 360 side would stare in shock.

*Never gonna happen*

Satanas4185d ago

I agree with the bottom statement. =)

I don't understand Japan, they all buy the Wii. My question is, what are they playing all day? Wii sports?

And they must have at least 5 or 6 DS Lite's each household by now.

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The story is too old to be commented.