Latest EGM Rumors - Marvel Nemesis 2, Street Fighter 4, King of fighters

The latest rumor section of Electronic Gaming Magazine have new rumors on announced and un-announced titles.

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Satanas4189d ago

I'd like to see a new King of Fighters/Street Fighter game hit the consoles.

borntodie0074189d ago

king of fighters will be good on a consoles

Charlie26884189d ago

Well MN2 will be a...bah, the 2 new King of Fighters were already announce both MI3 and XII, SF4 has been rumored since...well a LONG time ago

kewlkat0074189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

CAPCOM has been my favorite Game developers for a while. They have touched a little of every Genre, I like to play.(wishing they bring back (BREATH of FIRE series back).

I wonder what SF 4 would look like? Would it still be cartoonish/animeish or real looking, like the SF:the movie game.

KOF is a great series, Maybe the fighting game genre, is trying to stage a comeback.

VirusE4189d ago

Street fighter 4!!! OHH PLEASE SAY ITS TRUE!! I would be happy if they just made 3rd strike in hd with all the street fighter 2 people added back in.

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