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PTOM US: God of War III Review (Scans Inside)

PlayStation: Official Magazine US has reviewed God of War 3 and has given the title five stars plus the editor's choice award. (God of War 3, PS3) 5/5

FangBlade  +   1952d ago
Hell YEAH!
Another perfect score for the biggest game this GENERATION.
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lociefer  +   1952d ago
the ppl have spoken, GOTC ( game of the century ) confirmed
godofwar333  +   1952d ago
GOW3 will get many perfect reviews
so i am not surprised
RyuStrife  +   1952d ago
Pretty darn good. It took them 15 hours to beat it.
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Ryuha1234h  +   1952d ago
Excelent score
Chuck Norris KING  +   1952d ago
AAA only on PS3
cant wait ..
godofwar333  +   1952d ago
2 AAAs in 1 month

MLB 10 and GOW3
snowb420  +   1952d ago
13 more days!
I can't wait!
godofwar333  +   1952d ago
GOTY 2010
KILLERAPP  +   1952d ago
Bow before kratos in his HD glory…
godofwar333  +   1952d ago
with MLAA
only on PS3
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MajesticBeast  +   1952d ago
bubububububu its god of war 2.5. Suck it haters Kratos will make you his b!tch.
topdawg122  +   1952d ago
two more weeks, I wish i had a time machine just for this game.
arabiensoldier  +   1952d ago
Cant wait for the epicness to begin- march 16

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