Medal of Honor: Airborne screens; yup, ze Germans still lose

EA, never one to buck a trend until its metaphorical teat is spraying a fine mist of calcium-enriched blood, sent along some new screens for the upcoming Medal of Honor: Airborne.

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Ebay3rd4190d ago

Is there no one interested in this game?

Rhezin4190d ago

Hell I already preordered it. This is not a title to be taken lightly. It will be badass. Jumping from the sky to land on the mission WHEREEVER YOU WANT! never been done before, plus a bevy of graphical enhancements. Definate buy for me. (*goes to trade in Call of Duty 3)

likeaboss3024189d ago

I just hope someone gets the guts one of these days to make a AAA FPS that lets you play as the Nazis. It would be interesting to play as them and see things from the perspective of a German solider. Maybe even offer alternate ending leading the Germans to victory. It certainly would be different and to a genre that has become stale of late.