Top 6 in 6 - The Best Six Wii games of the first half of 2007

Well the first 6 months of the year are gone and although we have had some dry patches there are plenty of good Wii games out there that have arrived this year, not to mention a good plenty more on the way. A common misconception is that there is nothing to play on the on Wii or nothing worth playing.

This is an idea we strongly disagree with and have in response compiled this article to help you in choosing some top notch Wii titles in the case you hold the belief that there are "none". We present to you you The Top 6 in Six; The best Six Wii games from the last 6 months. (in Australia)

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midgard2294188d ago

actually i can only say zelda is all they have, i dont count all the ps2 ports. zelda was a port also but i'll let it slide.

o and i dont even like zelda so for me, 0 games till soul calibur legends lol.

Satanas4188d ago

I do think you're being a little harsh on the system, but I will agree that there really isn't too much it offers that have a "wow" factor. Especially because of the PS2 sharing the same games.

DirtyRat4188d ago

not a particularly exciting list...

THE_JUDGE4188d ago

contributor has the same name as the source website? I think someone is making up stories now, maybe.

ITR4188d ago

vooks is from Aussie land and has been doing Nintendo coverage since 00'.

Vooks is kinda like how Cube is for the UK.

eclipsegryph4188d ago

Well I've got three of those six, though obviously this is just one person's opinion of good games. The Wii has certainly gotten a lot of play from me, though my roommate seems more enamored with the Xbox 360. And the wife still loves her PS2. Looks like there's room for everyone to game!

M_Prime4188d ago

they should make a North America top 10.. (or so)

we have some titles they don't and they have strikers..

Paper mario is out
Scarface should make the list

I want strikers

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The story is too old to be commented.