[UPDATE] Forza 2 - Crashes (hardware)

A response has been posted by Christian "Squido" Owens which is the Turn 10 Test Manager. Essentially what is said is Forza 2 does not cause hardware failure, and if you're having hardware problems follow troubleshooting procedures for those problems. Included in these hardware problems are the repeated freezing or crashing many have been reporting.

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Crazyglues4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

For one games really don't cause problems for the system unless some piece of code has a serious error - and this is usually weeded out in the beta testing... and Highly unlikely.

However - A game can be the cause of your systems death, because some games make the system run harder then others and if your system is close to overheating then yes, this game will push it over the top.

Especially if you play for a long period.

Gears of War is also a system pusher, simply because it tends to make the CPU and graphics card scream - causing serious heat. Another game that causes serious heat, PGR3, when walking around the garage looking at your cars.

So does the game really damage your 360 - well yes and no - No if your system is well ventilated an receives cool air during game play.

Yes if your system is close to death and is just waiting for that one game that has the power to keep the 360 running hot - yes this is that game. (Even if no one else will tell you the truth, you can't say I didn't just tell you it).

-Don't hate the messenger, hate the message.

HokieFan4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

It sounds silly, but I do have two friends who had launch 360's working perfectly until Gears of War. Both got the rings a couple of hours into that game. There might be some truth to the game pushing the system to overheat. Never thought that software could actually break the hardware.

Of course, I've since yelled at both of them since they had their 360 in very tight areas. My well ventilated system is working beautifully after many hours on Gears as well as Forza.

ChronoTrigger874189d ago

i like the explaination. bubble4u.

Crazyglues4189d ago

Thank you I appreciate it..... I like bubbles. ..LoL

duckman24704189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Games Dont break systems, The 360 is capable of running exactly what the developers are createing and programing. The problem is the 360 was not designed correctly, Its a lemon design. To be put in laymans terms, The 360 parts (GPU, CPU ,Memory etc..) Can handle the games however because of the Faulty 360 Design and cooling the system overheats just like it always has and Bricks. Again The componets are doing there job well but the root cause is the very poor cooling design in the 360.

Example: What happens when you attempt to run a High end game on a PC that does not have the minimum Requirments ( game requires a Pentium4 3Ghz CPU,512MB system Memory and a 256MB video card But instead you install it on a Pentium3 2GHZ CPU,256mb system memory with a 128MB video card) The PC WONT break or burn up the only thing that would happen is the game would run slower, not look as good and lag. IT WOULD NOT OVERHEAT AND BREAK like the 360 does.

Why dont a PC System cook when you push it beyond what it can handle "Because each part (CPU, Videocard etc..) was designed correctly, Its heatsinks, fans etc where designed and tested to keep that part within its Heating specs.
Unfortunatly the same can not be said for Microsofts xbox 360 as it was thrown together in a hurry with proper cooling overlooked all in a effort to save a few more dollars in manufactureing.

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tehcellownu4189d ago

xbots will probaly be scared to played forza especially if they got the 3 redlights already..i know for sure games do brick the 360...but im glad micrsoft is not doin anythin..because it the long run its goin to hurt them badly..

gta_cb4188d ago

fanboy, get a better life.... or maybe just try getting a life.
i play Forza Motorsport 2 alot, and i havnt had any problems with it.

P4KY B4189d ago

Do more 360's break in warmer countries?
I live in Scotland. Its never warm here. I dont know anyone who had the 3 ring except 1 friend who tried to mod his.

Are 360's indestructible in Norway?

Does the 3 rings happen more in places like Texas or Spain. (in houses with no A/C)

HokieFan4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

I kinda doubt it since most 360's would be in climate controlled houses. I would sooner think that it has more to do with which countries got the first bad batches of the system. Norway might not have received many of the original systems that seem to have most of the problems. I don't know anyone who had a system break if they bought it after the first few months.

EDIT: I guess I was just trying to say that generally if people can afford to drop $400+ for a video game system, they probably have A/C if they need it. Obviously in Scotland (or Norway) they don't have much need for A/C.

P4KY B4189d ago

'most 360's would be in climate controlled houses' LOL
Maybe in the US but not scotland i've never heard of anyone who has A/C here.

But i get your point.

Dlacy13g4189d ago default I think your houses are in climate control. I mean honestly...does the weather ever change there? Overcast and rain in the forecast for the next...millenium! ;) jk

really though I think it could be an issue if you live in a hot area and you do nothing to keep your equipment cool. i.e. so if you live in a desert area...dont put your box inside a closed cabinet.

M4RK19884189d ago

Do USB fans work in the 360's USB ports?
Might stick one behind my 360.

THWIP4189d ago this thread: #13 & #13.2

Anyone not smart enough to understand this, DESERVES to have their 360 explode on them. :o

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