Warner & More HD-DVD Support: '300' Sports Bonus Features Only On HD DVD, Not Blu-ray

Apparently, Warner Home Video has no problem doling out an HD DVD version of 300 that outshines the Blu-ray rendition, as that's exactly what will happen when it launches on July 31st.

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MK_Red3740d ago

First the Ultimate "Matrix Trilogy" collection on HD-DVD and now this. Warner Bros is showing some serious love to Toshiba and HD-DVD.

The Real Joker3740d ago

I will be showing some serious love to Best Buy when I buy this on July 31st.

DrRage773740d ago

yeah i think i am going to get this also, even though i don't have an hd-dvd player. the simple fact that hd-dvd offers a combo dvd that can be played on hd-dvd players or regular dvd's players is a huge bonus. i can buy a combo dvd now, and wait to get a cheap hd-dvd player in the future, or when cheap combo players come to the masses, i will get one of those since not all movies are on both formats, so the only way to get all the movies you like is to get both hd-dvd and blu-ray players....where's my cheap combo drive?? lol

BS682803740d ago

300 will still sell better on Blu-ray than it does on HDDVD so maybe they will get the hint after that.

Satanas3740d ago


This could mildly stir things up.

Kyur4ThePain3740d ago

never, ever watched the extras on any DVD, be it regular DVD, HD-DVD or Blu-Ray.
To me extra features are a waste.
After 2 hours, I'm done with a movie and would rather watch something else than deleted scenes (which were probably deleted because they sucked) or other tacked on content.
But that's me...

Satanas3740d ago

Well some are probably also like that, I myself am an extra feature whore, and generally I try to pick up the most loaded edition of something I can find, and go through all the extras (unless I find them particularly lame).

The Real Joker3740d ago

the outakes and deleted scenes are great. You should really check them out. A good example would be any Will Farrel movie. The deleted and outakes are great and worth a watch.

Antan3740d ago

Anchorman outakes and Bad Santa outtakes with Bernie Mac and the sadly departed John Ritter!

cdzie13740d ago

I love the extra content, especially for an epic movie like this. Think about it, for $40 (probably $30 on you get the entire High-Def movie, loads of extra video content, an interactive game, online downloads and more! And to top it off, it’s a combo disc that you can watch in normal DVD players, lend to a friend, etc… This is a great value, I’m pre-ordering right after this post!

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nobizlikesnowbiz3740d ago

Oh yes they did...

This is.....HD DVD!!!!!!

Only the hardest, and the strongest are allowed to come to our side. Only the hardest.

Ignorant Fanboy3740d ago

"Give them nothing.......but take from them, everything"

Preordering now.

Stryder5043740d ago

Probably just because Blu-ray's interactive features aren't as easy to program for, not really preferential treatment.

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The story is too old to be commented.