Killzone 2 hits the road

Next month's E3 will be a proving ground for many new PS3 titles, but none more so that Killzone 2. And, if your interpretation of Sony's E3 teaser site is correct, developer Guerrilla Games is planning on making the hotly anticpated blastathon a moving target for critics like

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Blackmoses4105d ago


Wonder what that's all about?
So I guess it is true that they are having a 2.5 hour un-vailing for just Killzone 2 on the 10th of July. They are also scheduled to do a 1 hour Press Event on the 11th, the day of E3.

Sony is definitely up to something.

Bill Gates4105d ago

bro, I believe E3 will run from the 11th to the 13th.


The Killzone 2 unveiling will happen at the same day, and time as the Microsoft press conference.

I could be wrong though.

Omegasyde4105d ago

Las Vegas Sports books are now taking bets on how the hype will deliver during this event.

The odds are 2 to 1 that Sony will indeed deliver promises and show the proper footage that will please the spectaters at this event.

Other odds are as Following:
5251 to 1: PS3 price not getting a price cut.
5000 to 1: *New* Ps3 model with less features, new 20gig Version?
4000 to 1: Halo3 will NOT be playable at e3
3000 to 1: MGS4 will be announced Multi platform
2062 to 1: New CastleVania Game Announced
1500 to 1: Microsoft touch table will be playable on display
1000 to 1: PSN will unviel Home as well as Connectivity
500 to 1: Fatal Inertia, a futuristic racing game, will be playable
250 to 1: PSP 2(lite?) and Sixaxis rumble (shock?) announced
200 to 1: Microsoft will have exclusive GTA4 playable demo on display
146 to 1: Mario Galaxy, Smash brothers playable
112 to 1: New Wii-mote attachment.
50 to 1: David Jaffe will show up showing a new game
20 to 1: Starwars unleashed acutally unleashed
10 to 1: Xbox360 "new controller"
5 to 1: All my Bubbles dissapearing before the end of the weekend
2 to 1: 66 agrees,......1266 disagrees, despite post being a joke.

Tapioca Cold4105d ago

We've all been waiting two long years. We can taste it. We want it. Sony don't let us down.

Naruto4105d ago

The Killzone 2 unveiling will happen at the same day, and time as the Microsoft press conference.

Odion4105d ago

actual not correct it happens right as the MS conference ends, e.g their conference ends at 9 the event starts at 9

THAMMER14105d ago

I just do not see why they would run this at the same time as the M$ press conference. I did not even get that impression from the article. Oh well.....they have nothing to lose I guess.

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