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Submitted by jimmins 2097d ago | rumor

Rumour: Motorstorm 3 To Be Announced Tomorrow?

NowGamer: A promo for the next episode of GameTrailers TV has confirmed a 'surprise sequel' announcement from Sony.

Some have speculated it will be Resistance 3, but as it has had it's cover blown it wouldn't be much of a surprise. Our bet is on Motorstorm 3, which had it's own domain registered by Sony a couple of weeks back... (Motorstorm 3, PS3)

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Jamegohanssj5  +   2097d ago
I wouldn't mind it, but I really don't want it to be Motorstorm 3. I still haven't picked up 2 because it's still at the ridiculous price of............................ ........60 BUCKS!

guitarded77  +   2097d ago
I wouldn't mind Motorstorm 3 either, but I'm hoping for something better.

Resistance 3
Killzone 3
Infamous 2
Twisted Metal
Ryuha1234h  +   2097d ago
If the anouncement is not Syphon Filter, I'll be disapointed. I have nothing against Motorstorm. It's just that that Motorstorm 3 wouldn't be a suprise anouncement because we all know it's coming and same thing about Resistance 3. I really want a new Syphon Filter for the PS3. I just hope it's not Omega Strain cause that game was disapointment. I wanna play with Gabe and Lian again.
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ian72  +   2097d ago
Over here in UK we can get the game for less than £20. I got it for around that price months ago. Game prices do come down quick here in UK unless its COD, that stays full price for ages.
Motorstorm 1 and 2 are good games but they must do more with another one.
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Montrealien  +   2097d ago
I bought Motorstom 2 day 1, and I expect to do the same for 3, I love motorstorm.
WhittO  +   2097d ago
Meh, Motorstorm 2 didnt really impress me the way the first did.
Maddens Raiders  +   2097d ago
"I wouldn't mind Motorstorm 3 either, but I'm hoping for something better" mean you want something (different) right, not better...ya see 'cause Motorstorm is
The Best Off Road Racing Series of ALL-TIME, and there's no disputing that.
PoSTedUP  +   2097d ago
id rather it be
motorstorm3 then any other game, just that big of a fan i guess. if it's motorstorm 3 it should come with blood pressure medication though cuz MS:PR game me a heart murmer.

my second hope is KZ3 of course.
Hisiru  +   2097d ago
I want a new Motorstorm but I prefer a new Syphon Filter using the Uncharted 2 engine.
HighDefinition  +   2097d ago
MotorstormPR is one of the most underrated games this generation.
MmaFanQc  +   2097d ago
i love motorstorm
but i would like to see a new game because motorstorm 3 wouldn't be a suprise anouncement
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spunnups  +   2097d ago
I hope it is Motorstorm 3 and I hope they add a few things from my Wish List:

More customization of vehicles/vehicle creater, level editor/creater, and more obstacles.

Loved Pacific Rift, was so damn addicted to it. My only problem was that I couldn't compete with everyone online, some guys were just too damn good. You had to almost race a perfect race every time out if you didn't want to get de-ranked. Still wan awesome game though.
Mr Logic  +   2097d ago
@All people saying that R3, MS3, KZ3 won't be a surprise.
You do realize this isn't coming from Sony right. This is GT so of course they want to hype it up so that they get a lot of viewers. Don't get all pissed off because it wasn't the announcement you wanted.
Larry L  +   2097d ago
Larry L  +   2097d ago
As someone said, Pacific Rift is by FAR the most under-rated great game this gen so far. The game is outstanding. Racing games have been my favorite genre of game for 25 years, and Motorstorm just from it's demo became my favorite racing game of all time, and Pacific Rift topped the original in every way. No other racing game on the entire gaming market comes close to Motorstorm for pure fun and intensity.

I agree and disagree on what you said about Motorstorm's online. Yea, alot of people are really good (early on I was one of them until people started using glitched shortcuts which I just didn't do because I'm a pure and honorable racer), and you kinda had to run a perfect race to have a chance, but the fact is ALL racing games are like that online, but here's why I disagree....

...because ALL racing games are like that, but all those other racing games just ARE what they ARE. When that master gets out front, it's basically game over. Not so with Motorstorm. With all it's "landmines" all over the place, I've had WAY better racers than me out front by 5-10 seconds, and thanks to a couple "landmines" I ended up winning the race. That's what makes Motorstorm so much fun online, anyone CAN win more so than they can in 99% of other racers out there.

It's happened to me SOOOO many times, and I'm pretty good. I'll be dominating a race where no one could touch me speed wise, but I'll hit a jump JUUUUST wrong and go flying off a cliff, or hit a piece of debris in a turn and flip, or one of a thousand other little "landmines" strike and I'll loose the race. Or of course there's the dreaded starting in the back and it seems like every person you have to pass is more interested in wrecking than racing. All you can do is shout out a few curses and say "That's Motorstorm". That's why it's the most fun and intense racing game on the entire video game market.
darthv72  +   2097d ago
why this game?
Another motorstorm is a given as is the same for resistance. Neither of them would really be a surprise. I would say it has to be a game that will come out of nowhere like maybe Heavenly sword 2 or something like that. Maybe even reach back to the glory days of the ps1 and make a new game from the many classics that were popular and demanded sequels but never materialized.

MS3 will be nice but considering they did arctic edge it wouldnt be surprising and as big of an announcement that some are making it out to be. I wouldnt mind arctic edge being revamped for psn like tekken 5 was.

twisted metal maybe?
sniper-squeak  +   2097d ago
MS3 needs to be like the very first E3 '05 trailer.. alot of mud :D
RememberThe357  +   2097d ago
I hope not.
I know a lot of you love the game but I could never get into Motorstorm. I really want to hear about Syphon Filter!

Twisted metal?
Tony-A  +   2097d ago
So the "surprise PS3 sequel" is a third installment?

I'm not sure about that.
Syronicus  +   2097d ago
The word sequel simply means continuation of preexisting work.
So it could be Killzone 3 or inFAMOUS 2. My guess is that it will be a sequel to an already ongoing story so Resistance 3 or the 2 aforementioned games could be the best guesses.
sikbeta  +   2097d ago
But those Games are not "surprising", we know those games will come out, I thought about games like Syphon Filter PS3 or Twisted Metal PS3...

Gaming FTW!!!
Klipz-Wish  +   2097d ago
If Sony registered the domain for Motorstorm 3 wouldn't its cover be just as blown as resistance 3?
tiamat5  +   2097d ago
Motorstorm 3 would be just great but Killzone 3, Resistance 3 or Infamous 2 would be awesome
Milky  +   2097d ago
I really hope its Motorstorm 3, its the best arcade racing series this gen.
happy_gilmore  +   2097d ago
come, we all know motorstorm 3 will be released
i love motorstorm. but what else is there to add and improve on that game? ms: pr is the best off-road racer, even topping dirt 2.

what i want is a confirmation that starhawk exists.
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archemides518  +   2097d ago
it's resistance 3

unless they go nuts with the killzone, motorstorm, uncharted, god of war, and resistance 3D revolution...which will happen by e3 at the latest...they have 3D tvs to sell
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Sevir04  +   2097d ago
ms:pr wasnt as wow as the first motorstorm. which is why i skipped it.
I'm hoping for R3 and syphon filter but seeing as evolution missed motorstorm release last year. Their engine surely has been bumped up some since ms1 and 2 were back to back yearly releases.
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2097d ago
MS:PR still wowed me when it first came out...

Also MS1 was released in 2006 for Japan as a launch title for PS3 so it was a 2 year gap for development between both iteration.
Dead_Cell  +   2097d ago
Hail To The King.
The single greastest Arcade racers of this generation.
Karooo  +   2097d ago
its resistance 3 not motorstorm 3.
already confirmed by a dev.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2097d ago
were did you get this news exactly?
TheBand1t  +   2097d ago
Hiphopgamer probably told him.

Though I wouldn't doubt that they are showing off Resistance 3 tomorrow.
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Blaster_Master  +   2097d ago
OMG! I hope this is true.
hazardman  +   2097d ago
I liked the first Motorstorm..the 2nd one was ok..I was expecting something better.
NeoBasch  +   2097d ago
Wasn't MotorStorm: Pacific Rift announced around the same time two years ago? Then again, so was Resistance 2. Beats me. I'll appreciate any new game Sony has to offer.
Blaster_Master  +   2097d ago
Motorstorm Pacific Rift is still my favorite racer ever created. Second is GT3.
ClickClank  +   2097d ago
To me, R3, MS3, K3 wouldn't be surprise sequels at all.

SF would be a mild surprise, MediEvil or w/e would be a surprise.
Legionaire2005  +   2097d ago
Twisted Metal!!!!
"Mess with the best die like the rest." From Twisted Metal 2 Nuff said
mrv321  +   2097d ago
Motorstorm 1 still looks and plays fantastic, I want Motorstorm 3 to be in a semi destroyed city... where you drive throught sewers in dark enviroments with lights off. You have the option to turn them on and see better/further but it also gives away you position more.

Just imagine driving up the side of a semi collapsed building at 45 degrees and you're shooting the the glass under enemies and they can fall and die.
Udidntlistenpunk  +   2097d ago
Motormstorm: post apocalypse.
Haha not bad.
mrv321  +   2097d ago
The music is there, most 'indie' or little known genres suit it so little royalties. I want some humour, like a commentator just making a joke... every once and a while like

'WAW another dead driver, The clones off star wars has a longer lifespan and twice the personality'


'I've seen a moon crash into a planet, a horse jump into space BUT NEVER HAVE I EVER SEEN SOMEONE FAIL QUITE SO HARD'

'Is it wrong that I'm slightly aroused by that'-After a big crash

'I could be the drugs, the duying or the screams of pain but man I'm glad my ex-wife is dead... It wasn't even her dog'

'There are people for offroad driving, cool stunts and not crashing... why didn't we get them?'

'Each day a moron is born..... at the mortality rate we have here soon they'll be extinct'

'I remember the time when I could race like that... I also remember the time I still had my body'

'And in pole position appears to be Forza 3... definitively I would say'

'Isn't it times like these when your glad the earth was engulfed in a massive ball of flame killing billions of people and bringing society to a hold. No? Ah, well I do.'

'Hey look I've hacked into your music collection time for some great hits.' I'm staying alive starts playing... shortly you crash 'Ah the irony'

'I've seen many good men enter this track and leave worse off, lucky for these men they are pretty much at the bottom and loosing an arm might improve their life'

'To be honest, I don't care... your going to die and I still won't care.'

'Out of these nine driver my only hope they all die as they lived... crashing and burning on a downwards spiral'

'His mom would be proud he didn't pass on his genetic material'

'I'll be back, unless there's a shoe string in the bathroom in which case I'll most likely hang myself from boredom'

'I might just eat my own tounge atleast then there's something for me to talk about'

'Stardate 901.1.1 This is your captain speaking, DIE!'

'Hey look the internet is working thank god... and his cruel ways. What's this blue bills. Helps me get up? Well first I'd need legs'

'To be honest there's an options menu, why are you taking this abuse unless you hate yourself more than I hate you, which isn't too surprising considering you have about as much to like as Hitler'

'Damn, I got RRoD... no wait I'm not made for $1 ZING'
MajesticBeast  +   2097d ago
If we are talking real sequels and big surprises.

Alundra 2
Legend of the dragoon 2
Heavenly sword 2
Folklore 2
Rogue galaxy 2
wildarms 2

and lots more.

Im not a big fan of racers except for 1s like modnation so i hope its not motorstorm 3. Resistance 3 wouldnt be a surprise and honestly im sick of fps games unless it does something new im gonna pass on it or they go back to fom.
kanetheking  +   2097d ago
such and fantastic game i would love 4 2 but it did not sell that ppl go buy folklore it's one of the best games this gen.
NeoBasch  +   2097d ago
Um... there's been six Wild Arms games released since the first.
FwanK  +   2097d ago
Lunatics Unite!
remanutd55  +   2097d ago
its a way of life my friend
Das_Bastardion  +   2097d ago
A racing game?
Not to offend anyone but if Sony wants to keep the momentum they need something way more epic than Motorstorm

Resistance 3 should be the title, then on the E3 Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, Infamous 2, The Last Guardian, Agent and more of them

If you really really want a racing game... just wait of GT5
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Udidntlistenpunk  +   2097d ago
Agreed, personally Motormstorm is not my type of game either. However, lets not get ahead of ourselves.
This is playstation, we are talking about. They have plenty of games.

God of war 3
Final Fantasy 13
Gran Turismo 5
Last Guardian
jay2  +   2097d ago
No thanks.
MaximusPrime  +   2097d ago
when i think of "surprise" im thinking of Sony taking one of MS' exclusive games.

Mass Effect 2?
SoapShoes  +   2097d ago
A real surprise, I think, would be Driver 5 PS3 exclusive to focus on making it great like the first two.

If we're going by first party titles then...

Jet Moto 4
War of The Monsters 2
Downhill Domination 2
Medievil 3
Cool Boarders 5
and Destruction Derby would be surprises.
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remanutd55  +   2097d ago
LUNATICS UNITE!!!! well i think most of you know by now that im a Motorstorm fanatic lol but if its indeed Motorstorm 3 ( which by the way will make me go nuts lol ) it wouldnt be a surprise , would it ? we all know Motorstorm 3 is coming so i really want this surprise announcement to be something different from Motorstorm , Killzone , Resistance , a superb surprise would be a Heavenly Sword sequel , now thats what i would call a surprise
sjaakiejj  +   2097d ago
Putting my money on this or Resistance 3
Motorstorm 3 and Resistance 3 both seem to have the strongest arguments behind it. Guessing Syphon Filter will be for GDC or E3.
2FootYard  +   2097d ago
How milked will this franchise become? This will be the forth entry in the series in less than 3 years. Sony is the next Microsoft combined with Activision.
mrv321  +   2097d ago
4 games since 2006. 1 unanounced, 1 on another platform.
FxckOSX  +   2097d ago
MotorStorm Pacific is huge disappointed for me.
crappy visibility due to many vegetations,
it could won only too light motorcycles or too heavy cars after all.
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AlwaysCorrect  +   2097d ago
Please do not tell me this is the huge suprise. I want something great for the end of the year. Do not get me wrong Sony has had a tremendous first quarter, but I also would really be happy if Sony had something great in store for the holidays. I am dying for Killzone 3 or Resistance 3 or even maybe something new and fantastic. Just please not Motostorm 3, sorry but i never really got into those games that much.
TehSuperCell  +   2097d ago
If its not Infamous 2 or Splinter Cell 5, then gtfo.
DJ  +   2097d ago
Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
Is an AMAZING title, but still had its share of graphical screwups (specifically the flickering shadows). I'm hoping they tone it down to just 2 players onscreen, and up the graphics to Uncharted 2/ God of War 3's level.

I wouldn't mind adding a 3rd entry to my PS3 collection this year.
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