Is the Nintendo Wii "Kiddish"?

It's the age-old battle that's been ravishing this planet since blah blah know the drill. are here to try to put a nail in the coffin over this debate: Is the Nintendo Wii "Kiddish"?

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Satanas4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

I'd like to see those pie charts divided into "E," "T," and "M" individually. I'm guessing majority of Wii games in that T/M slice are T.

ItsDubC4188d ago

Don't those charts just reveal that the Wii is more "kid-friendly" instead of just "for kids"? It's not like E-rated games are strictly for kids and no one else, or that T-rated games are strictly for Teens.

ChickeyCantor4188d ago

E stands for everyone so no one is being rejected, its indeed kid friendly and not kids only.

Satanas4188d ago

That and there's a good amount of adults buying/playing the Wii as well. Casual is a better word than kiddish. If Manhunt 2 sees light though, that'd be interesting. One of the most violent games on such an all-age welcoming console.

Kastor_Troii4187d ago

With games like MP3,Batallion Wars,Medal of Honor its far from being a kiddish Console.Now it does have kiddish content,but if you like complaining about them....Dont buy them!!

KoolMan4186d ago

is more of a family console not kiddish, is fun and all but as a hardcore gamer im more to the bigger consoles.