David Cage comments on negative reviews of Heavy Rain

David Cage commented about the bad critics of Heavy Rain, particularly made by two major French sites and He said that these two sites got poor articles, written by a fourteen-years-old boy...

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jjacinto232973d ago


graciousd2973d ago

For me, a review with a bad score is not necessarily a bad review. However, a bad review is when there's a lack of analysis from a broader perspective, you know something related to the originality, creativity, innovation gameplay and story telling of the game, etc. Reviewers nowadays care either about graphics or multi-online component.

alphakennybody2973d ago

personally, I think he shouldn't care about them. the game spoke for itself and proved to be a step forward in narrative/story telling.

TOO PAWNED2973d ago


That's what Cage was refering to, what was written, not score.

"two sites are completely gone curiously beside the game beyond poor ratings (which worst rating for all countries, three points below the world average still ...) is the mediocrity of items that struck me. No reflection, no analysis, just a text boy of fourteen years in a playground."


" A strange article in the form of reckoning in which my name appears a sentence of two, as if the review was on me and not about the game Again, no analysis, no reflection, no recoil, just verbiage pseudo-intellectual with no content whatsoever. "

Good comment

"The developers and publishers try to change video games, it must one day that some media on the internet is also called into question. "

LordMarius2973d ago

Good to see developers chime in on inconsistent reviews

sikbeta2973d ago

This is the Best Review of the Game:

Gaming FTW!!!

EvilBlackCat2973d ago


I never trust or follow reviews

i am the one who judge if i like the game or not

Why you pity gamers don't do the same thing?

In my opinion and taste HEAVY RAIN suck

things i like in the game

- Graphics (eeehh NOT that much)
- Music Score (Like any decent movie)

the rest?

not my taste

raztad2973d ago

About time some one step up and said what got to be said about that pretentious and highly biased piece of crap called EDGE.

I havent played HR, but Cage view on them is 100% shared by me.

moeqawama2973d ago

I wish he mentioned that fat piece of sh*t at destructoid

NeoBasch2973d ago

IMO, Heavy Rain is an instant classic. I could give a flying f#ck about what reviewers think of HR. Besides, they lost every ounce of respect I once had for them over the last generation, which in my opinion is a good thing. God forbid I make a decision on my own.

P.S. I still cannot for the life of me figure out why ME2 has a much higher score than HR. I've played both and found each to be very similar in quality.



Destructoid are Irrelevant site, they are not making serious reviews. Even they make ridiculous articles.

solidjun52973d ago

Yea that sounds like EDGE. Just big words to show how smart they are but really doesn't do any analysis. The Killzone 2 review is a perfect example of that.

Bathyj2973d ago


Just because a game is not your taste doesnt mean it "sucks".

The Total War series is reveered by gamers. The top of its genre.
RTS's are not my type of game generally, but that doesnt mean the game sucks. I still still reconise the quality. The graphics, the scale, the execution. I thing the game is quite brilliant. Just not my style of play.

But at least I can give credit where its due.

Syronicus2972d ago

The credibility of Metacritic falls down by them letting scores like this derived from poorly written articles onto the site and added to the average. They should be more critical of the sites they let into Meta as it represents the quality of the overall score. It's too bad Meta does not take the scores any more seriously than the 14 year old boys writing the poor reviews.

NeoBasch2972d ago

Not only that, but Metacritic weighs individual review scores. They say it's because the writers have been "gaming" for a lot longer than say TotalVideoGames, which doesn't make a lick of sense. Especially since they ignore the writer and weight it according to the individual site. They could've hired a freelancer, or, worse, newbie, over at Edge and they still would have rated it the same.

I hate MetaCritic with a passion, and how much developers depend on it. If you're going to depend on an aggregate, depend on N4G's. They at least compile all scores and give each equal weight. Now if only we could get a moderator to remove some of these poorly researched reviews from our own aggregate. Than it'd be just perfect. We shouldn't encourage this type of $hit; regardless of system.

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GrandDragon2973d ago

The graphics were very inconsistent in Heavy Rain. The game should get a 7/10 in the graphics department just because of the inconsistencies in the graphics.

David, you want to make a realistic game right? well then make the environments look flippin real for crying out loud!!. The cars and the streets resembled GTA4 and the animations were very very uncanny.

I don't call that realism. I think The Getaway 3 and Eight Days will look 10x's more realistic than this.

Hellsvacancy2973d ago

U sir, r a moron

The focus of the game is NOT the backgrounds, its the characters and the storyline

Go back 2 playin Halo 3 or COD

mabreu2973d ago

I was not impressed with the graphics except the up-close face shots. The background needed some more detailing. However, GTA4 is worse.

I think Uncharted 2 spoiled me.

UnwanteDreamz2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Don't bother talking sense to these guys. They think a coffee table in the background should have perfect textures or the story and character development suffer. I'm sure if they had a conversation while playing the game it would go something like this......

"Did you see that lamp shade in the corner?"

"Yep, I sure did and it looked horrible".

"Great graphics my as* can't even make a good looking lamp shade"

Pennywise2973d ago

This 2 bubble warrior did not play the game. I didn't have time to check out the background while playing.

darx2973d ago

It's only a video game.

GiantEnemyCrab2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Yup, I've been playing it about 5 hours now and the graphics are hit and miss. But that isn't even my biggest beef with the game. The attempt to immerse you in the character by doing mundane tasks kills it for me..

I spend 10 minutes downloading an update then 10 minutes running through an install to fire the game up and start getting dressed and brushing me teeth? Boooring..

And don't get me started on the voice acting.. If the characters are the focus don't make it sound like they are reading from a teleprompter.

Still though, I see what QD are going for and I give them mad props for taking that risk, maybe they can make it all work in HR2.

Don't mind the relentless defenders here.. Sony can do no wrong and you are an idiot if you think otherwise to these folks.

Jdoki2973d ago

I've completed the game once, and for me the biggest flaw - even bigger than the plot holes - was the graphics.

Screen tearing has never bothered me before, but in this game it did. And there were one or two occasions when characters walked through each other - this really destroys the sense of immersion. But my biggest criticisms were the camera, and the way characters walked and interacted. It was very wooden and took the edge off an amazing experience.

But I still love the game.

gamingisnotacrime2973d ago

Heavy Rain is an excellent game, the emotional attachment is totally unexpected from me as a gamer. Im on my second playthrough and i have played the same episodes in a very different way, i like this game a lot.
Graphics are hit and miss, some plot issues, and some bugs. But the objective of Mr. Cage was met with flying colors, and this could very well be the begining of the future for adult aimed games. BTW, amazon reviewers are praising this game a lot, for those who have only played the demo, check out those amazon reviews because pros and cons are exposed by over 100 people, not some big name web site

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graciousd2973d ago

@TOO PAWNED: yep I know. It's not about the score, but the review itself. There's a lack of analysis and so on.

djtek1842973d ago

i luv this game. its refreshing & addictive.

Aquarius2973d ago

THOUSANDS of gamers are still waiting for you to patch your broken game.


RedDragan2972d ago

Best story of any game... EVER!

10/10 rating from me!

DelbertGrady2973d ago

Let the game speak for itself. This just makes him look desperate.

LordMarius2973d ago

This just makes you look like a fanboy

...which you are

dalibor2973d ago

It has spoken to me, that is why I'm getting the game when I get some money together. Maybe I should trade in some of my games, I still have not traded in a game yet lol. Probably b/c you get ripped off.

Unicron2973d ago

Criticizing scores is one thing, but I think it's entirely valid to be critical of reviews, especially when poorly written. Why are critics allowed to critique these works done by developers, but developers are not able to be critical of the critics? Seems rather unfair.

Those who cannot do, whine.

Biggest2973d ago

I wonder what he is desperate for? Sales? Adoration? Or for the people that run their mouths for a living to be accountable for their rampant bullcrap? I vote #3.

GiantEnemyCrab2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

That's rich.. When Dennis Dyack does this he is called an ahole because he called out the reviewers and the critics just like this guy is doing. Instead the entire community turned on him. Granted he went on a crusade of sorts while Cage is keeping it fairly low key.

JustTheFactsMr2973d ago

Same can be said for the media.

moomooakai2973d ago

...Except that 'Too Human' was a crappy game.

GarandShooter2973d ago

@ moomooakai

What the hell did crap ever do to you that you would stoop so low as to compare it to Too Human! :)

GiantEnemyCrab2973d ago

Oh that's right.. You think it's crappy therefore the world think it's crappy. The game did not get a fair shake. I mean they complained about death animations and here we are in a game that has you brushing your teeth as part of the gameplay and it's "supa coo!"

The game did not get treated fairly. Did you even play it?

smittyjerkins2973d ago

You didn't even read the blog obviously. The developer talked about how some of the reviews didn't even justify their score bad OR good. He respected BOTH the bad and good reviews if they were justified, BUT he didn't like some of the bad reviews because they came from the mindset that videogames should never change. You idiots are calling out this guy when what he said was only a little footnote in his whole blog.

DelbertGrady2972d ago

You call me a fanboy because I don't side with devs who work for Sony. If this was Gabe, Dyack or Molyneux you would agree with me.

nycredude2972d ago

Giant enemy crab

The difference is the other game you are talking about got mediocre scores all around. Heavy Rain is getting great scores all around with a few (the usual suspects) really bad scores where the reviewers were obviously hating.

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