Microsoft wants both Blu-ray and HD-DVD to fail

Microsoft has been HD-DVD's champion; Microsoft, a company which doesn't own any movie content, which has repeatedly stated that it won't be releasing any game content on HD-DVD, which doesn't build any of the PCs that run its operating systems and therefore has very little say in which disc format becomes standard on desktop machines.

As such, for all its huffing and puffing, Microsoft's sole contribution to the HD-DVD ecosystem has been to launch an external drive for the Xbox 360 console. It's not a bad contribution, in some ways; it offers a very cheap entry point to HD-DVD for a fairly significant number of consumers, for a start.

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MaximusPrime4189d ago

Bluray has been selling strongly within the past year. DVD is struggling. HD DVD is worst.

So i forsee successful outcome for bluray.

genix134189d ago

Did you read the article? It has nothing to do about what format will win but about Microsoft supporting Digital Distribution versus companies who support disk formats.

codeazrael4189d ago

Both HD DVD and Blu Ray combined have like less than 10% of the market, so talk about what you know please

cuco334189d ago


man, u just made me snot a loogy out my nose from that comment

continue enjoying being a d*ckriding fanboy bro. that will officially be my new sig on all forums i'm on

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Diselage4189d ago

DVD's are not struggling, They are going strong as ever. Plus they'll be around for a long time to come.

FeralPhoenix4189d ago

It makes me lmfao when people comment on a news article they haven't even read and therefore their comment sounds totaly ridiculous....and its the first post too "DVD is struggling" ha,ha that's got to be the biggest stretch of the truth I've seen on N4G, even for a fanboy -lol

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the_round_peg4189d ago

which most people overlook.

PS360WII4189d ago

I know I bought 3 movies from them last year

hfaze4189d ago

You're forgetting about the sheer size of HD movies. Even with modern compression they are EASILY 10GB in size. That's a LOT of data to try and download/stream.

Keep in mind that Blu-Ray runs at an average bitrate of 8-14 megabits per second, with a maximum of 40 megabits per second. To put that into perspective, Comcast's highest-speed cable modems are only pulling down 16 megabits per second, and that's MAXIMUM throughput (good luck getting those kinds of speed on a regular basis). And Verizon FiOS currently caps out at 30 megabits per second (which is RATHER expensive at around $180/mo.)

Until bandwidth comes down in price more, then digital distribution of 1080p HD will not be feasible.

Keep in mind that even with current cable companies offering HD on-demand, they're only doing HD-Lite 1080i (which takes only a little more bandwidth than 480p)

Often either downscaling the resolution, or rate-shaping (similar to dynamic bit-rate MP3's) the signal to pack more channels into their allocated bandwidth.

Blu-Ray (and HD-DVD) looks FAR better than these broadcasts.

It will be a while before streaming of 1080p movies is feasible, and downloads are tolerable (ie, not taking all friggin day)

HD movie discs have their place in the market for a good while until our Internet backbones (and providers) are ready with the kind of bandwidth consumers will need for 100% digital distribution of 1080p video.

EaziG4189d ago

Microsoft are so ridiculous, why do they want them both to fail?
i think it comes down to Microsoft always playing things safe, and sticking to what they know.
I think they worry too much when thinking of pushing new technology.
even the 360 stuck with the DVD drive, (the safe thing to do). i still don't know why Microsoft don't put HD-DVD's into the Elite or somthing. it'll still be capible of playing their normal DVD games, but will have a good HD player built right in!

the_round_peg4189d ago

Toshiba does. Microsoft does not have shares in Toshiba. Why should Microsoft help Toshiba?

gta_cb4189d ago

ktchong does make a good point, i dont see them both failing, especially if the PS3 will be around for 10 years.

gameforall4189d ago

by supporting Toshiba which has less Studio support, that format hangs around like a bad smell, Sony cannot automatically win. The is a stalemate, no one wins. Microsoft the makes money through Down loadable content, which is what M$ has always wanted

SlappyMcTaint4188d ago

Microsoft's mentality and business-model has always been a wait and see approach. They see something innovative, that somebody else has done, then do their own mucked-up version, sell it as the next new thing and try to dominate the market with it -all while the original company has done all the initial R&D.

See Vista and how they tried for the OSX look. See the Zune -their self-named "iPod killer". See their Surface table, which has been done by at least 2-3 other companies years and years ago.

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THAMMER14189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

They just want to make money on raw software. I do not think we will see this happen any time soon. But it is going to happen.

StrboyM4189d ago

This article isnt from M$ its someones opinion, M$ would never go on record saying it wants HD-DVD to fail, they have business parters who have invested millions of dollars, this would be the equivalent of slapping them in the face.

The thing is, M$ doesnt really want HD-DVD to fail, it just cant win, and any win for sony in reguards to the ps3 is a blow to them. The sad part is, all those people who have vaporware (hddvd add ons) those things just came out and in 2-3 years they will be collectables

rusgreim4189d ago

In 2-3 years, I'll be getting ready for the next xBox. I don't care if the HD-DVD drive works or not because I'll be selling my 360 anyway.

Meanwhile, the PS3 will still be getting ramped up for the remainder of its 10 year run and being totally outflanked by the new xBox.

If blu-ray becomes the standard bearer, the next xbox will likely support it, and the war will be over.