God of War III Blood & Metal Video

Posted by Chris Brown // Roadrunner Records

"We are pleased to announce today the release of the God of War III Blood & Metal EP. To kick things off, head over to the Roadrunner Records' music section and check out the music video for Trivium's 'Shattering The Skies Above.'"

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The Dark Knight2938d ago

i got it yesterday, and i think Trivium is actually the best song on it lol

thereapersson2938d ago

Or does anyone think of Mastodon when they read "Blood and Metal"?

Kerrby2938d ago

I do thereapersson.

Anyway, Trivium are sh*te. Horrible metalcore band.

thereapersson2938d ago

I'd rather a band like Amon Amarth or someone else write a song about the game. I'm sure there would be no short supply of epic lyrical content...

Anyway, bubbles-up for a fellow metal head! :)

The Dark Knight2938d ago

Pantera would have been perfect...sign

Kerrby2938d ago

+1 to Amon Amarth.

Imagine the epic lyrics about mythology (that ties in with GoW) they could've done.

While we're at it, add in a peaceful song by Ensiferum and something epic from Wintersun (although, it probably would've taken them 6 years to write the damn song).

thornh2938d ago

ah, Wintersun, where have you gone Jari? I think he just faded away into the forests of Finland and is never to be heard from again.... i wish he had stayed with Ensiferum...

Amon Amarth, my favorite band. Johan is quite possibly the only person who would give Kratos a fair fight...

My favorite song on the ep is probably Raw Dog (Dream Theater) followed by Opeth's song. I was hoping for less Watershed and more Blackwater Park from Opeth but hey, can't complain.

Hails! to all my fellow metal heads.

bjornbear2938d ago

"Blood and Metal" --->hoped something more like Job for a Cowboy -_-

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tdogchristy902939d ago


I liked the guitar solos and the over all metal that goes really well with GOW but the scremo i'm not much of a fan of. Give me something that I can understand the lyrics to.

emk20042939d ago

disturbed indestructible would of been a much better choice. trivium is very average.

young juice2938d ago

all nightmare long would be a better choice, but yeah none of that screamo

thereapersson2938d ago

Lol, they are in no way epic metal. I'm not even sure I'd put Trivium in here, but it looks like they love God of War, so at least they're passionate about it.

Zydake2938d ago

Disturbed would be terrible.

E742937d ago

especially the song "Perfect Insanity" or "Forsaken", those would be absolutely perfect.

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Fishy Fingers2938d ago

Not a huge metal fan, like the music, like the parts when they sing but struggle with all the screaming.

MajesticBeast2938d ago

This isnt Kratos worthy he would rip their heads off for this crap.

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