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God of War III Blood & Metal Video

Posted by Chris Brown // Roadrunner Records

"We are pleased to announce today the release of the God of War III Blood & Metal EP. To kick things off, head over to the Roadrunner Records' music section and check out the music video for Trivium's 'Shattering The Skies Above.'" (God of War, God of War 2, God of War 3, God of War Collection, PS3)

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alphakennybody  +   1977d ago
trivium is meh...
The Dark Knight  +   1976d ago
i got it yesterday, and i think Trivium is actually the best song on it lol
thereapersson  +   1976d ago
Is it just me
Or does anyone think of Mastodon when they read "Blood and Metal"?
Kerrby  +   1976d ago
I do thereapersson.

Anyway, Trivium are sh*te. Horrible metalcore band.
thereapersson  +   1976d ago
Good to know it's not me
I'd rather a band like Amon Amarth or someone else write a song about the game. I'm sure there would be no short supply of epic lyrical content...

Anyway, bubbles-up for a fellow metal head! :)
The Dark Knight  +   1976d ago
Pantera would have been perfect...sign
Kerrby  +   1975d ago
+1 to Amon Amarth.

Imagine the epic lyrics about mythology (that ties in with GoW) they could've done.

While we're at it, add in a peaceful song by Ensiferum and something epic from Wintersun (although, it probably would've taken them 6 years to write the damn song).
thornh  +   1975d ago
ah, Wintersun, where have you gone Jari? I think he just faded away into the forests of Finland and is never to be heard from again.... i wish he had stayed with Ensiferum...

Amon Amarth, my favorite band. Johan is quite possibly the only person who would give Kratos a fair fight...

My favorite song on the ep is probably Raw Dog (Dream Theater) followed by Opeth's song. I was hoping for less Watershed and more Blackwater Park from Opeth but hey, can't complain.

Hails! to all my fellow metal heads.
bjornbear  +   1975d ago
Trivium meh indeed
"Blood and Metal" --->hoped something more like Job for a Cowboy -_-
tdogchristy90  +   1977d ago

I liked the guitar solos and the over all metal that goes really well with GOW but the scremo i'm not much of a fan of. Give me something that I can understand the lyrics to.
emk2004  +   1977d ago
disturbed indestructible would of been a much better choice. trivium is very average.
young juice  +   1976d ago
i think
all nightmare long would be a better choice, but yeah none of that screamo
thereapersson  +   1976d ago
Lol, they are in no way epic metal. I'm not even sure I'd put Trivium in here, but it looks like they love God of War, so at least they're passionate about it.
Zydake  +   1975d ago
Disturbed would be terrible.
E74  +   1975d ago
especially the song "Perfect Insanity" or "Forsaken", those would be absolutely perfect.
Fishy Fingers  +   1976d ago
Not a huge metal fan, like the music, like the parts when they sing but struggle with all the screaming.
MajesticBeast  +   1976d ago
This isnt Kratos worthy he would rip their heads off for this crap.
bekum_aka_jarhed  +   1976d ago
fukin shot ther hedz off
OrganicMachine  +   1976d ago
I'm only interested in the Opeth song
but then the Raw Dog song by Dream Theater actually kicked ass..
qwertyuiopasdfghjkl  +   1975d ago
After listening to Black Clouds and Silver Linings... I'm ready for some more Dream Theater!
MajesticBeast  +   1976d ago
Thank god we still have hold devils pot of tea:D
topdawg122  +   1976d ago
Metallica would be perfect for a GOW 3 main theme.
Something like Master of Puppets would be sick!
awesomeperson  +   1976d ago
PS3: It only does music which would scare little XBOX kids.
Dipso  +   1976d ago
They were doing ok up until the melodic/emotive/pop chorus..horrible. I hate that trend among a lot of American bands to feel the need to punctuate hard aggressive music with whining b*tch pop choruses.
KrustytheClown  +   1976d ago
they would be sick, raining kratos!
Dipso  +   1975d ago
Yeah Slayer would be perfect!

WAR Ensemble

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dredgewalker  +   1975d ago
This music makes me wanna go Kratos on the guys who made it.
hektop  +   1975d ago
Those guys suck
So what the hell is he singing about, can only hear screams.

I think if I had to choose a background group would have to be old metallica, old guns and roses, maybe some slipknot, but not this f@ggots.
qwertyuiopasdfghjkl  +   1975d ago
If anything...

Feared your control and excessive greed
Abuse of your power disgraced me
You want war!
You got war!
More than you bargained for
I damn you and leave defiantly
Cut you out and take it all with me
You want war
You got war
More than you bargained for
Always question authority, control my own destiny
Forcing change, breaking free
From the gears of the machine
Changing my world so I can live
Execution powershift
I will forge my place in this time
Contention is sharply refined
I will expose you and force your demise
To take control of what is truly mine
Frizzo  +   1975d ago
well dude
the lyrics fit but fear factory isnt heavy enough. i woulda but lamb of god whitechapel or meshuggah on there
bjornbear  +   1975d ago
FLAMES_187  +   1975d ago
What the H E double hockey sticks?
That sht was horrific and God of War 3? Isn't this suppose to be a God of War 3 video?? So where the hell is God of War 3??? I just waisted nearly 5 minutes to watch grown men scream like they where constipated.
Letros  +   1975d ago
Need some Lamb of God IMO
rezzah  +   1975d ago
Itd be cool if it could of been some doom metal band, or anything with a slow and heavy riff thatd get you pumped to kick some ass (in GOW of course =p). Trivium...I thought theyd do something better, its one of those songs i skip when i first hear it.
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Frizzo  +   1975d ago
Well to be honest...
blood and metal just sounds like a mastodon album. but trivium is an alright band, the lead singers lows sound like bad inhales but its alright. i would have gotten someone like whitechapel or meshuggah. either them or lamb of god, but there already making an iron man 2 song XD

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