Timesplitters for PS3?

Could there really be a next-gen version of one of the BEST FPS games (made by one of the BEST FPS developers nonetheless) in the works? Well, according to Chris1007 on the European Playstation forums, there is. He says that in the OPM: UK August issue, there is "a small article confirming that a new Timesplitters game is in the works for the PS3." The magazine doesn't really say anything about the game, other than a confirmation that "they're (Free Radical) 'gearing' up to insert monkeys and guns into all the wrong places."

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amerz4186d ago

Timesplitters Future Perfect was such a good game on PS2, and we can guarantee this game will release at some point.

Bathyj4186d ago

I would love if they went all out on a level editor. I used to love that on TS2. Make use of that HD for gods sakes. Imagine LBP type customisation for a FPS which has always had great option in MP.

That would be a good game.

HandShandy4186d ago

The Timesplitter Series is my favourite line of games.

This is the first hint of a PS3 sequel, I can't really imagine what it's going to be like... can't be anything less than outstanding.

I agree, if they went balls-out on the Map Editor it would be a very next-gen advancement... even add a WEAPONS editor or a Character Editor, that would be pretty amazing! A remake of all the classic guns from the first 3 games in HD glory and all the levels re-mastered.

That would be like heavan on earth.

Vip3r4186d ago

I can't wait for this. Timesplitters is the best FPS of all time!!!

MK_Red4186d ago

Holy YES. I loved Timesplitters Trilogy and Future Perfect was just awesome. Great find and news.

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