Six Days in Fallujah Finished, Still Coming Out

A source close to the game's development confirmed to IGN this morning the title is still planned for release, though no expected release date or publisher was named.

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RockstarExclusive2840d ago

Nice :) This game seems interesting.

tdogchristy902840d ago

Hell yeah, I want more modern war games that are taken from real life. Just like with Fallujah and MoH. I mean ww2 had it's share of video games that were based on actual events, d-day and such. I want the same thing for our current war against terror conflicts.

Pandamobile2840d ago

At least there's one publisher who has the balls to publish it.

NYC_Gamer2840d ago

hopefully one of the publishers will grow some balls and bring this game out

MostJadedGamer2839d ago

I expect we will see this game on shelves by June. It sound slike they are probably in negotations with one or more publihers, and will reach an agreement soon. I have no doubt at all that we will see the game released in 2010.

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