Cheap Chinese HD DVD Players May Be on the Way

Chinese consumer electronics companies are one step closer to producing inexpensive HD DVD players. Format backers hope the move will ultimately lead to victory in their uphill fight with rival next-generation format Blu-ray Disc, but Blu-ray supporters decry the announcement as insignificant.

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WANDA3950d ago

Once China is on the production line, benefits will be aplenty. I may be wrong, but I'm sure these could happen thanks to glorious china:

HD DVD-Rs (cheap and many)
Cheap cheap movies (as HD DVD is not region encoded)
A possibility to stay in the format war.

I mean, Blu-Ray Has Blockbuster, but HD DVD has CHina

THWIP3950d ago

China's a good country to have in your corner. Of course, a great deal of that population can't afford the luxuries of home electronics/entertainment. :o

nextgengaming183950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

Thank you for changing the topic title. I will approve it :).

WANDA3950d ago

haha ya of course

i'm a "trainee"
what am i supposed to do? flick you off? haha
thanks man

Strange3950d ago

"The whole thing smacks of desperation."

I have to say that I feel the same way.
I don't see any reason that Blu ray players can't be manufactured in China if HD DVD can be.

BTW, high tech things made in China are USUALLY controlled by overseas companies. Manufacturing players are no exception.

psycho3603950d ago

"The whole thing smacks of desperation."

Sony adds Bluray to PS3..

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The story is too old to be commented.