Live-360's E3 07 Predictions and wishes

Here is some early E3 Speculation by Live-360. This is a good read, head on over and check it out.

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OldSchoolGamer4130d ago

Nothing new or out-on-a-limb here

Satanas4130d ago

"Bioshock demo"

This would be cool, really curious to see how this game plays. Looks pretty awesome.

snoop_dizzle4130d ago

so little money, so little time.

SF49er4084130d ago

MS aint gonna let sony have the spotlight. They gonna show a lvl single player halo 3, mass effect demo and release data, bioshock demo, tons of demos probley, trailers, banjo kazoo, crimson skies,kameo 2, perfect dark 2, gears of war 2 teaser just to let us know its comin later, too human walkthrough, assassins creed demo??, splinter cell demo??, gta4 news, halo wars. ms finally just got sony where they want them, with little momentum and a bad taste in everyones mouth which wont last long, they gonna need to show everything. i have a great feeling killzone is gonna look better then we think and it will be awesome. i love this ps3 vs 360 its like a competitive football game for us gamers but we all win the superbowl hahahahahahahahhaha

Satanas4130d ago

Sorry, I meant to click on the "AGREE" button and I can't change the stupid thing...

Anyway, yeah, MS has a lot to show, and I think Sony has a lot to bring to the table if they wish to compete (and yeah it'll probably be KZ2).

The battle should be interesting to see. Hell, even Nintendo could get some spotlight if they throw together some MP3/SSBB/SMG footage.

Kaneda4130d ago

KZ2 is coming to xbox 360

Xi4130d ago

Killzone 1 sucked before
what makes you think we want more?

Face it, it's already a flop.

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The story is too old to be commented.