Brutal Legend for PS3 Falls to Under $20

Just recently discounted PS's version of Brutal Legend even further to under $20. That's more than 50% off regular price and the best price ever available for this fun but extremely underrated game.

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rroded2974d ago

great game sp is one of a kind

the mp is def unique not for all but a lot of fun for those who like rts with a twist.

ClownBelt2974d ago

" for this fun but extremely underrated game."


The game was overrated, and the demo was so far from the actual game. This game is really bad that even though it's $20 dollars now, I'd still call it a rip off.

ninfan2974d ago

I actually enjoyed Brutal Legend. It's definitely not what you expect

nycredude2974d ago

If you are not into Heavy Metal and Music then maybe it's not worth it. However if Heavy Metal is your thing this game rocks!

dorron2974d ago

I got it for 15€ and I'm enjoying it a lot. It's a fun game to play, it's got a sense of humor and lot's of metal.

Definitely worth it!

dkgshiz2974d ago

Why was this game good again? I mean the gameplay was boring. It felt way too old and outdated and just never entertained me.