Total HD (Blu-ray / HD-DVD Combo) Format Delayed To 2008

Way back in January, shortly before CES, Warner Brothers announced it would premier a new disc technology for next-gen DVD players that would press HD-DVD material on one side and Blu-ray data on the other. The unique combo format, dubbed Total HD, was planned as a means of mitigating consumer fear in choosing one warring format over the other. The first titles on the new format were scheduled to begin appearing at retail this month.

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Satanas4189d ago

This is a decent idea for those who are not sure which format will win. But they'll still need to purchase a Blu-ray or HD DVD player to play it.

Exception: Combo player, but those are more expensive.

Omegasyde4189d ago

Once blue ray becomes the standard(?) this format will be costly for Warner alone. Once the war dies down, Blue ray players will be competing with each like Dvd players did and the prices will go way down.
Hd-dvd players manufacturers will jump in the fold, and try and catch lost ground by releasing low budget players. Microsoft stance will remain neutral and they will probally just drop the attachment and just keep with DVD's and movies from XBL. I can see them doing Pay per views along with Sony in the future as well....It would be nice to See Wrestlemania or XBL or PSn someday.

Coby will probally be the one with the lowest price. But you get what you pay for...just make sure you keep the warranty.

ITR4189d ago

Total HD would be the best idea...because it combines both formats and no-one is left out 2-4 yrs from now.

MK_Red4189d ago

With the delay of Total HD, the chances of both formats co-existing together is less than ever. Afterall a format like Total HD could be perfect for 2 formats but with its delay... Who knows?

funkysolo4189d ago

what they should do is release all the newly release movies with dvd on oneside and blu ray on the other side and this would be the best way to migrate consumers into the HD ERA. one disc, one movie and that would be easier for blockbuster to maintain space instead of having seperate sections one for blu ray and one for dvd. Consumers would be more likely to make the hd jump this way. But I hate all this format war, it's not good for consumers.

Satanas4189d ago

They're doing that with some HD DVD releases. Probably would be a good idea if Blu-ray did too. I know I'd probably buy more BD movies.

540damn4189d ago

having a dvd side is worthless. it will just slow down the migration to all hd media. whats the point of having the dvd side besides letting friends borrow. if you have a blu ray/hd dvd why would you not only watch it on that machine in much better quality?

Satanas4189d ago


I don't see your point. If I want to be able to watch a movie in my choice of on a Blu-ray player or a DVD player, it only makes the disc more useful. Then, I can use it on my portable DVD player, my laptop, PC, if I bring it to someone else's house -- generally anywhere I don't have my PS3.

XxZxX4189d ago

the strategy is to wait and see whether will blu-ray win out this year. If they are still tie, totalHD will be here. Blu-ray win, Warner go straight to blu-ray.

Satanas4189d ago

Good point, sounds logical. Seems like an HD DVD loyalist disagrees with you however. (Or simply a Blu-ray hater.)

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The story is too old to be commented.