Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Exclusive Trailer

Get ready for combat on an epic scale, as the Mobile Suit franchise takes a whole new approach to warfare in this exclusive trailer from Gametrailers for the english release of Gundam Musou.

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Kaneda4189d ago

the game sucks! boring like hell!! I just played the demo...

Satanas4189d ago

So I've heard the demo was bad more than a few times now...unfortunate, will avoid then...

hikikimori4189d ago

Yeah I have the demo right here. It's like any and all Dynasty Warriors type games; i.e ABSOLUTE SH1TE.

boi4189d ago

wooaa its not that sh1t...i mean for the people who enjoy Dynasty Warriors type games this is a gd thing...but the demo is kinda boring i guess...but hey its gundam, over in Japan they love it :)

San anto4189d ago

the demo sure is repetitive.
square, square, square, triangle.
square, square and so on.

PS360WII4189d ago

heh and the triangle isn't even used to much cuz the gun they give you blows.

But yeah it's like any other Dynasty Warriors game only with Gundam now.

icechai4189d ago

if you've played the Dynasty Warriors games, you'll know there are some variety to the combos. Although in DW, you have up 8 hits for a combo once you've leveled up. In this demo you have only 5? Although chaining it is alright. The point is to hit a whole bunch of people in a chain and unleash super moves, repeat. If you are next to your ally you can combine for a greater super move. Not sure how viable it is in the game, but in the demo you can jump up and transform into a plane that shoots two giant lasers for limited amounts of time (wish you could control descent/ascent though).

With that said, it seems like the Dynasty Warriors China is a deeper game than Gundam, more weapons, rideable creatures and fighting on creatures, and being able to fight the enemy warlords on horseback as well as knocking them off. I wasn't really expecting a whole lot with this Gundam game, rent before you buy it.

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