Soul Calibur Legends IGN Preview

Namco Bandai had an early in-progress version of Soulcalibur Legends on hand at its pre-E3 event a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, due to the game's evolving development status at the time of IGN's demonstration, Namco Bandai representatives kept this early experience a hands-off affair. So much of what IGN had to go on was simply through the magic of keen observation.

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Satanas4037d ago

Looks like it could be a good Wii game. Of course, I'm counting on SCIV being better, and I don't doubt it will be.

ChickeyCantor4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

you cant compare them
this is an adventure more like a "beat'em up" and SCIV is a fighting game 1 on 1.

Satanas4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Good point, which is probably why my interest in this one lags a little. I think it'll be a good Wii game though.

At least it's one good looking 3rd party game.

ITR4037d ago

It's a TPF game. Check out Nintendo Power they have like 4 page spread on this game.
The screen shots look awesome!

PS360WII4037d ago

Nice looking good looking good^^
Hack and slash with some puzzle moves, co-op options and fighting! Sweet this is looking like a very well done spin on the original

ItsDubC4037d ago

It looks kinda like it'll play similar to Ninja Gaiden, which is a definite good thing.

MK_Red4037d ago

At first I wasnt much interested in Legends but this game is looking better and hopefully will be a good spin-off. Still, SC IV is THE fighting game to look for IMO.