Silent Hill Movie vs Game Comparison

A side-by-side comparison of the opening of the movie and the opening of the game Silent Hill.

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Lord Anubis4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

well the movie has been released for a while but its a good comparison. The film recreated several parts of the original game, including the ambient but it lacked a certain something.

Eclipticus4190d ago

i think what the movie lacked, to me anyways, was the intimate feel, the game gave. Lights off, sound up, middle of the night. The movie just didnt translate that as well as the game did. The whole Sean Bean storyline, i felt really broke up the tension. I understand the need to appeal to a wider audience, and Sean Bean is a good solid choice. Hopefully the Directors cut, or whatever it is called, will be edited better, like the director wanted.

BitbyDeath4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

But i think Sean Bean scenes were needed so they can continue on for a sequal,(not so much for the first movie) I still enjoyed it overall and am looking forward to the sequal once it arrives.

Eclipticus4189d ago

interesting, i honestly never considered the sequal aspect. That is a good view point. But after reading the interview with the director, and the inclusion of Bean's character, Maybe it was an after-thought, or 'hey, not only. . . but should this do well . . ." cause it does leave off for a beginning to a sequal. Then what should it be called: Return to Silent Hill. Cause he already went once.

in an off-topic. note. For those who seen 1408, anyone feel it was influenced by Silent Hill4: The Room?

no_more_heroes4190d ago

That was weird as hell. I didn't know that the movie was so much like the game. Does that mean that the movie played out in almost the exact same way as the game would? I mean, could you play the game like the movie?

DreamSnach24190d ago

this movie was hot, i love every bit of it. I fell it did better then most game movies

Kleptic4190d ago

It definitely is one of the best game movies...but I agree it just didn't feel the same...I was never rattled seeing the movie...the game used to terrify me...

the movie sure was violent though...I hadn't played the game in a long time, and the game is pretty bloody too...but the razor wire in the movie is pretty crazy...I was more laughing at that point then anything...thats about as over the top as a horror movie can get...

Arkham4190d ago

Holy Kcuf. Well, that certainly took me back a few years.

I didn't realise how well-interpreted that was, even accounting for my affection for the adaptation.

Er, cool.

Note: See Brotherhood of the Wolf, b'atches. If you don't, you suck.

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