Playstation 3 Preview of Pain

Game Revolution sits down with Producer Travis Williams to discuss the gameplay mechanics of the upcoming Playstation Network offering, Pain. Developed by Idol Minds, Pain is a sandbox style title with game modes like "Spank the Monkey," a game mode never before seen in a mainstream console offering.

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MK_Red4183d ago

I cant wait for this game. If they do it right, it will be the ultimate party game.

Bits-N-Kibbles4183d ago

This game would be great for a party game! I hope they add in somethings though, like celebritys or something. Tossing some stupid B!tch like jessica simpson into a brick wall would make my day.

It's [email protected]@cking TUNA you stupid B!tch!

Maddens Raiders4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )


They should make a lot of skins available for the mime and customizeable.

pwnsause4183d ago

"I heard Killzone looks amazing" -Travis Williams

drtysouf214183d ago

Can't wait for this one!

Can i please have my bubbles back?Look at all my comments I never say anything rude or fanboyish but yet people still take my bubbles.

kingofps34183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Maybe some ppl don't like your avatar. lol

Here have a bubble.

----------------------------- --------

I hope this game has some sort of online multiplayer.

Charlie26884183d ago

Here have a bubble Haze boy :D

PlayStation3604183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

to help out a fellow gaming brother. Bubble for you bro.

P.S. Haze looks AMAZING! I hope that game comes out with a special/collectors edition version.

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