Playing Online, a huge headache!

Why?! Why must people that play online shooters or online in general be jerks? Why can't people just play the game and not try to give everyone a headache? Taz8080's (of Loot Ninja) frustration stems from GRAW 2 on the Xbox 360 and trying to play over Xbox Live, but it got him thinking about this particular item.

Online games are both a gift and a curse, he never realized how many idiots there were in the world until he delved into the world of online gaming.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4163d ago

Thats like asking why people are jerks period, stop your b!tching and find another room if you don't like the people.

taz80804163d ago

Jason that is the attitude I am talking about that is spreading like a cancer online. If you are an @ss, it speads. Why should I find another room if I am trying to get a game in and ahvent done anything to upset a room other than show up as a level 1? It is an elitist mentalityand fear of losing your level? Come on that just scream that people are getting inflated levels and arent good enough to hold onto them.

toughNAME4163d ago

you all said it was impossible...but this is one area where PSN > LIVE

most PSN users dont have very little trash talking

BS682804162d ago

I bet you are one of the jerks on Xbox Live. I have never had a bad experience with people on PSN, but it is hard to go a game in Halo without listening to some idiot. Most the time in Halo i just turn the voice off because people like you.

Frulond4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

I have headset and sometimes just turn it on so I don't have to hear all kinds of cursing while playing. Also don't feel any need to talk if the guy on the other side just going to answer with a curse followed by nonsense. So... I find headset being annoying and I think most Online games needs a ban button or at least a mute one, something like "mute this user" would be great to enjoy the game. Most of the time when someone is cursing and shouting I just leave the room and go find another but this sucks because 1 "i need so much attention now!!!" guy destroys a room.

please developers think of a ban or mute button when adding online play to any game.

Edit: oh I forgot, if I could imagine players behind the screen as MasterChief in this vid I'll be laughing my a$$ off instead of muting players :P

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Diselage4163d ago

Theres nothing wrong with extending common courtesy while playing online Jason, that attitude is why there is such a huge problem. I'm generally polite until the other party starts to bad mouth and then i tear into them. But people that suck i generally am polite to and don't try to give them to hard of a time unless they start killing me directly.

G_CodeMonkey4163d ago (Edited 4163d ago )

I am polite and courteous, until the host (at times sounding younger than my 10 year old who isn't allowed to see Gears, much less play it) or some other dolt starts mouthing off-- at that point I either mute them, turn the volume down altogether, or, at rare times I'll give some back (rare, but not unheard of). While I'd love for some "no one under 21 allowed" button, there are times those are jerks also (though not nearly as much as the pre-pubescent trying to act "grown up"). Either way, they get an "avoid" so I don't have to listen to them again-- there are too many cool people to play Gears with without repeating a bad experience. But, there are too many sweet games to play on-line than to make you ultimately give up on on-line--just avoid the jerks and have a good time. Finally, if you are "booted", if you ask why, there are a few who will actually respond and change the situation. gCM

taz80804163d ago

I agree with Diselage and G_CodeMonkey, we need more players with their mind frame. I dont mind some friendly trash talking to get things going but just being a jerk is no excuse.

hikikimori4163d ago

Allot of people are jerks.
People suck.

Kyur4ThePain4163d ago

Jason is a jerk on and off the boards here. Hng, who would've thought it.

BoneMagnus4163d ago

I've really been getting into R6 Vegas on the 360, and in the player matches, I always find cool people and have fun. I've never played ranked.

I even found cool people in the Halo 3 beta - here's hopin'!

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