Live Free or Die Hard Review

Bruce Willis. Clever bad guys. Improbable stunts. One-liners. The formula for the "Die Hard" movies is pretty much chiseled in stone, like a ten commandments for action filmmaking. Gameloft collects all of these necessary ingredients for their mobile game based on the fourth "Die Hard" flick, "Live Free or Die Hard," unsurprisingly placing them in the successful-but-familiar framework of past hits, like Splinter Cell and Mission: Impossible III. The resulting game will feel like a mildly enjoyable bit of deja vu for mobile gamers that have jammed on Gameloft's side-scrolling actioners for the last two years, but newcomers that are wading into mobile for the first time should be pleasantly surprised at Detective John McClane's itty-bitty antics.

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dalectrics4157d ago

This is just one of those pending news that sits there for hours and hours because no respectable gamer honestly wants to play another movie franchise game - let alone for a franchise that is on it's fourth installment! Another BOPNB (Bottom of the Pending News Barrel) Story which no one bothers to read and therefore can't be bothered to approve!

Ah well I'll give it one anyway - props to finding the review, but let's face it - I'm not buying it - you're not buying it!