Fallout 3: Scans of early-build show much promise

Finnish magazines get all the love. Well, at least when it comes to recent press on Fallout 3. Finnish magazine Pelaaja grabbed a few scans of the game in progress and we must say, it seems to be coming in line nicely, following details already laid out by Bethesda. These scans look great, even if they are a little blurry (likely due to the fact they are scans and not pure screen shots of the game in progress). The character models appear to be fleshed out with texture-a-plenty and we'll bet the lighting will hold similar Oblivion-like bloom effects upon the game's release.

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Kokoro4189d ago

What's with the kitten sized image?!?! And bloom is mostly used for game that are not quite finished so that it still looks good (Lair, Heavenly Sword)

Rythrine4189d ago

I apologize for that. I'm not sure what happened there but just use the ones in ps3fanboy instead. Thanks

Diselage4188d ago

It's just a beta, you have to wait for the screenshots to grow, they're just baby screenshots.

Rythrine4188d ago

Diselage, its still in beta stage. Don't worry, developers will have time to polish them. Hold your judgements until we get the final build lolz.

Rythrine4189d ago

Those early-builds are looking pretty sweet. I heard this is like Oblivion with guns. If this is the case, then I can safely say that this will be one fantastic game. Swords are good, but gun(futuristic guns to be more specific), is way better.

Vojkan4189d ago

ANY kind of gun is better :)

Charlie26884189d ago

let me guess you have never heard or even played the previous Fallouts?...since in any Fallout forums saying that Oblivion with guns for Fallout 3 is a good thing will get you shoot (literally)

And where did you got the idea that Oblivion was good? let me guess again you havent played any previous The Elder Scroll games?


Rythrine4189d ago

You got me Charlie. To be honest, I've never heard of the Fallout series so I don't really know what I'm talking about. I just went about an article I read before (I forget where) on how its like Oblivion in a future setting. So I based my conclusion that its Oblivion with guns, but really I have no idea. As far as Oblivion, I liked it but not as much as JRPGs. I grew up playing JRPGs from Chrono Trigger to FF12. It was the first time I played Elder Scrolls and it got pretty good reviews, plus add the fact that there where no games for the PS3 months ago, so I bought it not knowing how it plays out. By the sound of it, you know a lot about Fallout series. How about filling me up with info so I won't sound so ignorant next time lolz. Thanks bud.

Charlie26884188d ago

LOL so true :P you managed with your good answer to suppress all my fallout fanboyis ^^ LOL (a bubble for you :) )

Well you should give Fallout a try, you can find the Fallout Collection for 20 bucks on Amazon (the first 3 games in 1 DVD)

In a "short" description of what is Fallout, its a Post Nuclear role Playing game, set in a retro 1950s style future (not your usual cyber punk future) which gives the game a AMAZING flavor (lol) the game uses an isometric perspective (like Diablo) and while its on real time, combat its turn based (like FF tactics or chess), but what makes the game so special is the fact that you can do what ever you like (sort of like GTA in a way) your character can become a slaver, a pornstar a child killer a drug addict and member of the Brotherhood of steel etc., all is there for you, you also get presented with a good amount of moral choices and dilemmas like sometimes being a little evil might bring something good, and sort of stuff but you will later deal with the consequences of your actions, also the game lets you resolve quest differently from brutal fighting, to talking your way out of a situation to even using mind games (blackmail, extorsion, bribes) on the enemy (there is one powerful enemy you can convince to commit suicide LOL) also the game future a LOT of geek references to pop culture, a warning thou the game has a BLOOD bath level of gore and a very dark humor :P

hope this gets you interested so might give it a try :D

Rythrine4188d ago

I'll definitely will. Thanks again.

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XENOCIDE4189d ago

The July GI cover story on Fallout3 was a good read, n' the screens look very promising even it's over a year away. Though I'm new to the Fallout franchise I'm keeping a close eye on this'n.

TaylorB4189d ago

I am eagerly awaiting this game. I am so happy they decided to put it on consoles so that I can enjoy the visuals without having to upgrade my video card. Looks great so far, and I'm glad the dialogue screens are similar to that of the original Fallout series.

MK_Red4189d ago

Kool but all the screens are the same as the GameInformer screens/scans and they were in high res. But still, its Fallout related and anything about it is welcome.

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