Guitar Hero 80s goes gold, final set list revealed

It's official, Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the The 80s has officially gone gold. The expansion pack for the Playstation 2 will be available starting July 24.

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SIX4185d ago

One of the best party games EVER!!!

Boink4185d ago

I don't understand why they don't take these and offer these as a downloadable expansion for GH2?

i mean, do they not want the money?

Lucidmantra4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

#1 because there is no download content system set up for the PS2, which is where the vast majority of GH bangers get their fix at.

I really think they will do it for the 360 if not releasing a retail box for it. It would be the smart thing to do. But we will see what they do if anything for the 360 for these songs. But I would lay down $50 in MS points to get all these in GHII for sure. I play GH II alot and like it alot it is a very good game.

Adamalicious4185d ago

I'm a huge GH fan, but I'm having a hard time with this one. Again, like GH2, it seems like they are propping up the track list with a handful of awesome ones and filling out with way too many meh tracks. I guess they can only spend so much (or are only willing to) on licenses. Guess I'll have to play it and see :)