The Great Xbox 360 Repair Debacle - Part II

Following on from Tuesday's article; The Great Xbox 360 Repair Debacle, I now have some updates to share with you all, including word from none other than Xbox Live's Director of Programming, Larry Hryb, a.k.a. Major Nelson.

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Mr_Kuwabara4189d ago

My 12 year old cousin types more than he does.

Oh well it's nice to see MS at least responding to our problems.

MrFurious4189d ago

Oh yeah, this is proof again that M$ never did reliable hardware!
Their R&D are so lazy they probably built it as a toy! Seriously it is really a shame how M$ still continue to think people are just cows! Hey I am happy that Sony is doing great and has really True Quality control! Indeed they have experience with big electronic industry..M$ makes hardware as they build Windows, haha this fate of Windows systems defeated by reliable linux system ! haha so funny...sorry for gamers, M$ should at least apologies and recognize the issue officially, work on how to solve it and then recall old systems for replacement by a...PS3??!!!Pfff very BIG ISSUE for Bigosoft!!

Expy4189d ago

Sounds like a publicity stunt to me, trying to seem as if they really want to find out what's wrong. Just showing their faces once in awhile to pretend as if they cared.

Bill Gates4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

I totaly agree bro. I also believe the cop-out excuse for slow returns of repairs is a shame. I believe the reason for slow returns is because dead 360's are pilling up quicker than a nasty dump...haha

markfield4189d ago

your news item and 'conclusions' are retarded - you gave major nelson only a few hours to address your repair issues and you're complaining and making assumptions about the lack of response?!? - get real. How old are you by-the-way ? 12 ?

nobizlikesnowbiz4189d ago

Even if on the off chance that the much desired by Sony fans lawsuit takes place, it won't change the marketshare of the PS3.

And whats the matter with comparing the customer service of M$ to the customer service of Sony? Doesn't everyone remember how Sony raped people over defective Ps2's? How is this not a legitimate arguement? I mean if your going to b1tch about M$'s hardware, at least acknowledge that they are treating their customers many times better than Sony did last gen.

dantesparda4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

How is getting charged $140 good? Come on man, stop making excuses. Just cuz Sony had problems in the past doesnt mean that its alright for us to be going through this now. This is worst, this is completely dead $400 systems

And to Bloodmask below me
I think that what you said is really stupid and shows what a ignorant fanboy you are. And cant wait til the system dies out on you, and you have no warranty, so you can see what its like, and then tell me its not serious.

Bloodmask4189d ago

posted on this website every day. How is this considered news. I am well aware that Microsoft has hardware issues.

If these issues were as bad as fanboys acted like they were Microsoft would have had a class action lawsuit on their hands well over a year ago.
I think that this failure rate issues is nothing but a desperate attempt for Sony fanboys to have something negative to harp on the 360.

It isn't going to hinder 360 sales and I'm sure Microsoft is addressing the issues. It really is grasping at straws at this point and has become quite pathetic.

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The story is too old to be commented.