Starcraft II Beta Patch 2 Notes

Over the weekend the StarCraft 2 Beta client was patched again. This time it seems Terrans have been buffed, some Zerg nerfage, and a little crawling around among the zerg without much content.

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kerriganss2938d ago

hmmm noticed a sliiiiiight zerg buff on the curropter.

Leord2938d ago

+2 against armored? :P

Zerg are so OP now!

DeepThought2938d ago

i don't think zerg are OP. you just have to scout and counter!

Panthers2938d ago

No one is flat out OP in this game. Just certain units need balancing. We know SC1 was the most balanced RTS game. This game will follow in its footsteps.

Hell, I still think the Zerg are the weakest right now.

DeepThought2938d ago

yeah back to back patches, interesting...

Leord2938d ago

I wonder if it will be like this all the way through :)

Recka2938d ago

I can see many at the start, balancing etc, probably less and less as it goes on

Panthers2938d ago

They still patch the first SC so expect a lot. Luckily it doesnt seem they will need patches to fix bugs because I havent seen one yet.

SCFreelancer2938d ago

Weird, having multiple patches in such a short period. It seems there are multiple teams working on it at the same time, probably reviewing different issues of the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.