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Three Speech was at the Mayfair hotel in London earlier this week to witness the unveiling of the PS3's biggest post-release title, Heavenly Sword, expected this September. From what they've seen and played, it's going to be an epic next-gen fantasy romp, involving a gorgeous, flame-haired warrior princess, a whole heap of medieval violence and hoardes of monsters to slice and dice your way through...

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Hayabusa 1173796d ago

Oh no, not Three Speech...

There wasn't actually any news there, apart from telling us to check back later. So this is basically a news announcement of a news announcement...


Those interviews better be good, and coupled with some new screens and gameplay footage

Kokoro3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Ban this filth! But I can't wait for the interview.

solideagle13796d ago

best action game on PS3. ps3 has now 4 best action games to date
1. god of war
2. heavenly sword
3. devil may cry
4. ninja gaiden

E3 is going to rock ur head out of ur head....what m i saying? lolz

tehcellownu3796d ago

The PS3 have the most action games thats for sure..Cant wait for NG2!!

Odion3796d ago


1. DMC is also on the 360
2. NG started and will continue to be on a MS platform

The Real Joker3796d ago

They disagree with you and all you said were facts. Its not like you said Heavenly Sword is on the MS platform (although give MS time).

weekapaugh3796d ago

(although give MS time) come out with a real console that doesn't have last gen tech to have the ability to play PS3 type exclusives.

MetalProxy3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Why the hell would M$ give up a title like that? They need games like Heavenly Sword!

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The story is too old to be commented.