No one will buy Natal and here's why

Microsoft's project Natal has quickly become one the most talked about new devices on the videogame horizon for some time with analysts predicting that within two years Natal will reach a 56 percent attach rate. That's right. It's been predicted that more than half of new and old 360 owners will rush out and spend $50-85 for Microsoft's attempt at adding motion control to the Xbox 360 according to Goldman Sachs.

To put it simply, these analysts are living in a world of make believe and here's why.

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GR8 13007d ago

And this get's approvals another reason why this site is run by ps3 fanboys.

Mr_Bun3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

That's right, for every positive Sony article there are about 4 negative Sony ones...but you're is run by PS3 fanboys. Just last week N4G posted the article claiming Heavy Rain was destined to fail...Guess you have selective amnesia.


FaSeCeX3007d ago

read the article...its actually funny haha

u're guarantee'd to lulz, even with its valid points

gee, cant wait to pick up my gears of milo! haha..i just dont see natal cutting into the wii either..sure 360 owners will buy it but it wont move more consoles than what it alrdy is doing now..unless u alrdy own a 360 this isnt gonna create a wii-like craze

Cold 20003007d ago

I would love to have that crystal ball of his.

ape0073007d ago

great precise 3D scanning that can provide great experiences in my favorite games, I might give it a try, like opening locked doors in conviction, punching scene in manhunt, these kind of things lol

to be honest, Im not too sure about natal, on the other hand if sony got a nun-check like extension to the gem, it could be very very interesting, Imagine free hand control in a game that have full destructible environments like red faction

I hope sony does thing and if they did, it gonna be a day 1 buy for me

TheDudeAbides3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

they suck and they don't know sh!t, they're fanboys, their articles are bs

Biggest3007d ago

Instead of a crystal ball, let's use logic. Can you give an opposite outcome based off of his thoughts? Can you come up with actual thoughts of your own? He asserts that Natal was once proclaimed failed hardware by Nintendo. You can prove that to be true or false? He says that Natal is bogged down by a serious and inherent lag. Can you prove that false? He says that Microsoft is targeting casual players with the Natal. Can you prove that to be wrong? He feels that casual players will pick the Wii over the Natal/360 bundle. Do you not feel that is the case? He believes that the core 360 audience prefers games like Gears of War and Halo over games like Dance Dance Ball Kick. Do you disagree? I feel that his points are valid and encompass most of the doubts gamers have with Natal. You can't say it failed yet. But he most certainly explained why he feels it is destined to do so.

MmaFanQc3007d ago

your first day on N4G?

for every good ps3 article theres is at least 10 others ps3 bashing blogs approved on this site.

you are clearly new on this web site

Anon19743007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Exactly. If you don't agree, that's what these forums are for. Explain why you don't agree, or talk about the faults you see in the logic of the points brought up.

Edit @ Idle below: Just a note, the article doesn't claim Natal is laggy. We don't know if it is or not. The article mentioned that Nintendo was worried about Natal tech being laggy, and it mentioned that the buzz among internet forums is one of concern regarding lag issues.

Cold 20003007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Natal is planned for this fall and we are 8/9 months from release.

Can you prove that false ? No.

Till then let Natal be the work in progress that it is until D-Day.

edit:@below. I just proved you wrong with a couple of words.
If I'm living in a dream world and that Natal isnt a work in progress then maybe all you points above have some value.

Since natal isnt out yet and is being improved on, until the day it launches everything you said right there is completely worthless.

If you want to waste your time righting paragraphs based on assumptions well go ahead.

I have better stuff to do.

Biggest3007d ago

Good job in countering those points. I know your comment wallet is thin and you don't want to waste your words on an actual conversation. But you have 1 left. Try to be the smart guy and counter with reason. Dumb guys have a tendency to get beat down on public buses by old men wearing fanny packs. Don't be that guy.

IdleLeeSiuLung3007d ago

This article doesn't even discuss the opposite side i.e. the positive side. All the article does is construct a negative criticism based on a bunch of assumptions on assumptions.

Sounds like fanboy drivel to me.

sikbeta3007d ago

Gear of milo? What a Mess!!! lol

Wait for the Final Product, don't jump in the Motion-hype-wagon...

Gamers FTW!!!


Am I reading this article right? "No one will...", I'm sorry but if anyone believes that then they should go get checked out for some slight mental instability...

IdleLeeSiuLung3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

"He asserts that Natal was once proclaimed failed hardware by Nintendo. You can prove that to be true or false? "

What reason Nintendo didn't pursue it is unknown. Instead it is made into believe that something is wrong with the technology, instead it has been reported that it was a cost issue during a time when Nintendo was about to release their new console.

Besides, when Verizion turned down the iPhone guess who is laughing all the way to the bank now? AT&T or verizion?

"He says that Natal is bogged down by a serious and inherent lag. Can you prove that false? "

Can he prove that the final product has inherent lag? Did he do a full out technical analysis? Is he even qualified to discuss the technical merits of the technology?

"He says that Microsoft is targeting casual players with the Natal. Can you prove that to be wrong?"

Why is that even significant to why Natal will be a failure? Besides I thought casuals is the ones interested in motion control in the first place? Seems like MS are targeting the correct audience.

On the flip side, I can prove that people are genuinely excited about this technology by both celebrities and the reaction of the general public. The only people hating on Natal are fanboys and to some smaller extent core gamers.

Everyone else is happy with a choice and the possibilities of Natal.

Also, no need to call names when people hadn't had a chance to respond to you.

velcry3007d ago

"your first day on N4G? for every good ps3 article theres is at least 10 others ps3 bashing blogs approved on this site. you are clearly new on this web site "

Honestly, I think that anyone who manages to comment FIRST on a story usually has been waiting patiently in the Pending Tips section.

By inference, that person is NOT NEW to N4G, and KNOWS what he is doing.

Furthermore, by looking at his bubbles, you can also tell it's not his first day here.

Trust me, he KNOWS EXACTLY what N4G is like, and he's playing up to it.

MmaFanQc3007d ago

no, that wasnt the article but simply the title....

next time try to actually read the article before posting a reply instead than focusing on the title....

Biggest3007d ago

I don't believe I called anyone names. If I did. . . Oops! The points he makes are not of a finished product. He points out that the 360 supporters are of the tech savvy brand. Everything he shows to be a problem is made so because the current 360 supporters know about the problems leading up to release. Casual gamers probably don't know what Natal is, minus the few that saw it on Late Night. Natal was announced and given the promise of hardcore gamers in mind. Yes, casual gameplay was a focus. But games were to also be a focus. So far, nothing has been shown to support that claim. Yes, Natal is a few months away from being released. But there has been a lot of coverage at the behest of Microsoft and their advertising campaign. You shouldn't judge Natal just yet, but they have it so visible right now that human nature can't control that urge. To say that what we see now is not indicative of the final product seems like a stretch. Preparation breeds success. And the prep stages of the Natal are not doing very well. They may pull it together before the clock strikes release time. But that doesn't change the fact that the target audience already has a toy, and the Halo audience won't play it. It's being set up for a big let down.

King_of _the_Casuals3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

This guy is saying that since Nintendo turned down Natal in 07 it's a failed technology. You do realize 2007 was 3 YEARS AGO!!! Technology is ever changing so any issues it had back then have probably already been corrected. And according to the people who actually work with videogames for a living, it works Great!!! (I think I'll take there word over a blogging fanboy)
Plus Nintendo has already said cost was one of the major reasons. Back in 2007, it would have been A LOT more expensive to do then what it wall cost now.

But I can't wait till Natal comes out!!!! I'll be inline the first day buying it when it comes out. But since I don't count....I guess No one will be buying Natal. (Sarcasm)

Blaze9293007d ago

I'm buying Natal sooooo...

Pennywise3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Yeah, like Cold said: waste your time RIGHTING paragraphs on assumptions.

What a smart comment!

EDIT: Cold I am glad to see that you live up to your 3 bubble reputation. Carry on.


Why waste my time unless you're telling me he contradicts himself, because thats the only thing left to be seen. He says no one will buy it in the title, but says people will buy it inside of the article?

Cold 20003007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Glad to see you are so butthurt you came in just to say that :D

Great to know I have so much effect on you :)

EDIT: Im glad to see you live up to your butthurt Sony slave reputation. Carry on. They might just fix that crippled PS3 of yours :)

Back to my 360 in perfect working condition :D

Eamon3007d ago

Mr. Bun, that argument of yours represents your age. Yes. It's a 1 digit number.

If you want less "hate" articles like "7 reasons why Heavy Rain will fail" or "Natal set to flop?" then don't go approving them.

It's fact that fanboys are running N4G. The approval process of these articles needs to be seriously relooked by the admins.

Oh wait, I just remembered that the admins and mods have abandoned this site and have lost interest and enthusiasm. As we saw by the new user called N4G Jewbot and sad strange little nerdy kids (Bungie), the N4G comments section has been plagued by lowlives.

Here are an example of the minority (the mature gamers):

Why are there no trolls in this comments section? Because Braid was an arcade game made by an indie developer. Not a blockbuster shooter with a multi-million dollar marketing budget.

In my opinion, Braid is a masterpiece and will be more original and innovative than most released AND unreleased blockbusters. I will boldly say that I feel Braid is a better game than Heavy Rain. Insult me all you want or feel free to rape my disagree button but until you understand that every person has their own unique opinion then you will have truly grown up.

rroded3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

"Three things need to happen for Natal to have a market sufficient enough for the success Microsoft is planning for. The hardcore gamers that made the 360 what it is will suddenly have to ditch call of duty and develop a sudden love of party games, existing Wii owners need to suddenly dump their Wiis, their Wii-Fits, their Mario Kart and march down to pick up a 360 and Natal and all potential Wii owners need to suddenly forget what made the Wii appealing in the first place in favor of playing unfamiliar games on unproven technology running on proven bad hardware. None of these three things is going to happen."

as for the omg how could ng4 approve this LOLZ expect a flood more all us ps3 fat owners got not much else ta do now ;)

we won3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Pretty dead on to PS3 fanboys lol. Still don't understand why PS3 fanboys pretend to know the minds of 360 users. 360 gamers are big spenders on anything game related.

Does the *Biggest* ever comment in non Natal articles? The *Biggest* does nothing but troll Natal articles.

Bigpappy3007d ago

I am 100% sure I am getting Natal and I agree with the analyst on this one. If sell between $50-100, more than half the 360 owners will buy it and a shyt load of non gamers to boot.

Anon19743007d ago

You really believe that half of 360 owners - the same owners that buy Gears of War/Halo/CallofDuty...etc in the millions and shun games like Banjo Kazooie/I'm in the movies...pretty much anything that isn't a shooter or action game, you really believe they're going to rush out and plunk down $50-$85 bucks on Natal in the millions? To play Ricochet, Paint Party, Milo or the exercise game we know is right around the corner? Did these same owners rush out and buy a camera to play Uno?
In what world is this demographic suddenly going to want to throw down their controllers to leap around their living rooms? I have not once heard a fellow 360 gamer say "You know what's really holding back my enjoyment of Call of Duty? Having to use a controller. I wish I could jump around my living room."

Bigpappy3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Where did I say anything about preferring natal over a controller? I said I will be getting Natal at launch if it is under $100, and that I believe more than half the current users will eventually do the same. Natal is not a replacement for the controller. It is not the wand or Wiimote. Natal is useful for more than games. It can also be used while you have both hands on the controller. But yeah, I like the idea of also playing some of those casual game where a controller is not needed. I love puzzles, strategy games and board games. So having to just point at a piece then point to where I want it to go is attractive to me. It is better than having to drag a curser across a large screen every time I want to make a move. There are applications when natal just makes more sense than using the controller. FPS are not the games that come to mind when I think of buying Natal, but Natal + the controller can and will enhance the FPS Genre.

360 owners, that I know in the US, are mostly grown men. They are not into games like Mario, Banjo, Little Big Planet and Sonic. That is why those game do not sell on the console. Any good mature game sells well on the console because that is the demographic on the console. Just the names of the games put off grown ups like myself. Natal is great tech. It allows for a different, fun way to interact.

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feelintheflow3007d ago

Just as I couldn't stand the ps3 is doomed articles I will hate all the 360/natal doomed articles. Nobody knows until it comes out. I know it makes for great arguments, but please can we just talk games. There are so many good ones out there and so many good ones coming its ridiculous to flood n4g with natal doomed, or natal the second coming articles.

3007d ago
raztad3007d ago


I like your style man.

3007d ago
freediro3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

us used the word 'like' 5 times with in that sentence, wtf? seriously work on some vocabulary skills and get off Halo. don't want to be a grammar nazi but damn.

"I like yours too, I like it like I like my Forza games, which is a lot but not as much as I like Halo 2"
^ your idea of a sentence and this is what a sentence with out 5 "likes" sounds LIKE! (lol)
I have a similar opinion and also like games such as Forza, which happens to be close to my appreciation of Halo 2.

glad you enjoy your games, good thing we don't have to shove it down each others face and then fight about it.

3007d ago
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ClownBelt3007d ago

That picture is fricking hilarious. Haha

JoelR3007d ago

it's just that an opinion piece. It has some interesting points and some stupid ones. all in all it's interesting - not great but always interesting to hear differing opinions.

Anon19743007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Just out of curiosity, which ones didn't you agree with?

JoelR3007d ago

I feel the author is selling both the hardcore and the casual crowd short. Sure some people in both groups will react as he is suggesting but on the whole people are harder to group than that. for the hardcore group they just need a application or game that appeals to them and they will plunk down the money - same with the casuals (though they may be harder to get to buy as they would likely have to buy 360 in the first place)