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Grand Theft Auto IV: Looking for that Special Someone trailer

As promised Rockstar has released the new Looking for that Special Someone trailer trailer of Grand Theft Auto IV.

See download mirrors below. (Grand Theft Auto IV, PS3, Xbox 360)

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kingofps3  +   2984d ago
YEA BABY!! Edit: Not Impressed
Watchin it right now!
Live Updates:

Bad english accent Niko (No racial offence, I hope).
Graphics seem dumb down from the first trailer (Is it just me?)
Who is Niko looking for (Finding a man is the main plot?)?
Working gas station is a welcome.
Extremely good facial animation.
Fuk I hope we don't have to follow road rules.
Blank lisence plates?
Is anyone flying that helicoper (there is no one inside).
Looks like the 80's (cars especially)

Fuk man, like the first trailer and now the second trailer, I am not impressed. I feel like NIko's got issues and we need to solve it for him. I don't wanna do that. Probably, I will just stick to causing havoc on the streets of NYC. lol
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Coffin87  +   2984d ago
i think you can climb and interact with every vehicle.. holding tight on a driving truck, hanging on a helicopter in the air ...

i think this will be the game of the year.
closedxxx  +   2984d ago
Not very impressed
Once again, the GTA series looks like it will showcase sub-par graphics when compared to games released in the same time frame.
It looks like it will be a great game, and has decent environments and draw distance etc.
But, the characters, vehicles, and surrounding items seemd to be lacking any realistic detail, or modern texturing.
I know the video is not great quality, but regardless of HD video or not, you can tell when a game is going to feature mind blowing visuals, and this game will not.
Crazyglues  +   2984d ago
Yeah I don't know graphics were not to die for... but
I did like what I saw. the game still looks amazing and I will definitely be adding this to my gaming list, it's a must have.

Looks like same old GTA fun, just on the new systems.

I think it's because of Xbox 360 the graphics where toned down.
Torch  +   2984d ago
Personally, I think it's much more intriguing than the first trailer.

Graphics still come across as top-notch to me.

Note that I'm not a GTA fan (God knows I tried), but this looks more uh, purposeful.

(The background porn-guitar riff was also much appreciated. Rather relaxing and therapeutic.)
Crazyglues  +   2984d ago
wow... it looked amazing... that trailer before was no where near how it looks at Rockstar.com, that game is looking amazing.. OMG!!!

I can't wait.. PS3 or Xbox 360? I just don't know

but wow.. it looks amazing... simply amazing.....!!!

The trailer above was a little fuzzy and choppy, but the Rockstar.com one is like running at 1080p and the game is crystal clear, it looks amazing.

I just can't wait now!!! I'm too excited.
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Tesla  +   2984d ago
Story already submitted
DrWan  +   2984d ago
haha failed approval
Tesla  +   2984d ago
I deleted it myself.
DrWan  +   2984d ago
Man..i dont like the main character
the main character looks fat and clumsy for some reason, he's just not as cool as the other ones in the past..hmm maybe it's just personal taste. and that chick he was talking to looks more like his mom than that 'special someone'....what is going on..they need better main charactres to get me into the actions...

i like the accent though, keep that, very good..give u sense of immigrant and unsecured future..good atmosphere..just dont like the way those two look.
MetalProxy  +   2984d ago
Nope not me
I like the new Europian look'n dude. But Iam suprized you cant edit your guy to look like who ever.
Omegasyde  +   2984d ago
This Serb does seam weak.
The guy seems like he has some attitude but also seems whiny like CJ.
They should of brought back Tommy Versati from GTA:vice city. Him alone would sell the game, even if they don't have Ray Liotta's voice.

We all could be wrong however and this guy could be a bad ass anti-hero. From the scenes, you can obviously tell he is pretty pissed off most of the time.
LSDARBY  +   2984d ago
Awsome trailer imo, i want to download it to my PS3 in HD
PSTripleOG  +   2984d ago
Saved in my videos, 720p............. GTA4 FTW
DrWan  +   2984d ago
pandabear  +   2984d ago
Not the greatest picture quality from Yahoo so hard to tell if the graphics are 'dumbed down' from 1st trailer.

But it just oozes GTA Class, the soundtrack, the look.....GTA is back and this is going to be biggest and best yet. Loved the man jumping out of car whilst car crashed into gas station.
Systematrix  +   2984d ago
Get the HD trailer
from Xbox Live.
Frulond  +   2984d ago
looks pretty cool :D
Marona  +   2984d ago
Already saw it, my opinion: I'm not really impressed or interested in IV.

Let the flaming begin... :/
calderra  +   2984d ago
I agree.
-Graphics = meh... nothing really impressive. Too little grit to be gritty, too little polish to be clean. It just... is.
-Story / atmosphere = meh. Oh wow, a Russian-ish immigrant. Who cares? Even "the GTA3 guy" was overflowing with personality compared to the new dude.
-Music = meh. Nothin at all inspiring.

Word on the street is still that this guy and his story are supposed to be a MacGuffin device (or red herring) and that the real character emerges later. I'm still hoping that's true. Because if this is really what GTAIV is going to be, I do not care whatsoever.

Vice City 2, anyone?
Cosmo  +   2984d ago
I don't disagree that the trailer was nothing to be excited about, but lets wait for the final product. If it get 9 alround on metacritic, then its a must have.

Its a trailer, not the final product
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SF49er408  +   2984d ago
ehh looks like gta3.5 nothin great....... hahaha jp
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2984d ago
that was GREAT... the story looks like it will be SUPERB... all the little things like the facial animations.. lookin in the rear view when the cops are there... creeping around the corner with 2 cop cars waiting.. wearing a helmet while ridin on a motorcycle... the way he walks... this game will be totally AWESOME
Omegasyde  +   2984d ago
All of these details are the "norm" in next gen games
Dude, these "details" are in almost every ps3/360 game now. That's why most of the people here aren't impressed. Most of these features can be seen in Saintz Row.
solidt12  +   2984d ago
His Car looks tight and the overall graphics looks great. This will be a must have game. I am still playing San Andreas because it is so good and this game will be th same.
italdiesel6t9  +   2984d ago
got to http://www.rockstargames.co... it look alot better plus you can gwet it in a higher resolution.
Bits-N-Kibbles  +   2984d ago
I think it looks pretty good
I am not as "wow"ed as much by the first trailer, but still, I think it looks pretty darn good and I can't wait for amazimg gameplay to be in my hands, because as long as the gameplay and fun is still there, I will love it
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2984d ago
Did yahoo just downgrade the quality of the feed? i don't remember it looking or sounding like this 5 minutes ago
Newmanator  +   2984d ago
much better trailer than the first one
jwatt  +   2984d ago
I don't care what you say.
The graphics look nice, and gta was starting to get a little old but this looks like a breath of fresh air. Just give me a good story like Vice city and lots of features like San Andreas and we have ourselves a game.
italdiesel6t9  +   2984d ago
anyone no the name of the song?
UJUSTLOSTONE  +   2984d ago
I agree w/you, Haven't seen the trailer yet, cuz I'm at work, but from the sounds of it, Rockstar is going to take Sandbox gameplay to the next level. I am looking foward to this title despite the negativity.
Afterglow  +   2984d ago
The graffiti on the wall when Niko peaks around the corner is El Burro from GTA III. I really enjoyed the trailer!!!!!!!!!!

Name of song: Arm In Arm (Shy Child Remix) by New York City-based band The Boggs.
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DrPirate  +   2984d ago
Like many others, I'm just not impressed. It doesn't carry the wow factor of the other GTA games. I hope to see more come of this in the future.
THE TERMINATOR  +   2984d ago
Graphics dont look next gen at all which they should be. You can say graphics dont matter all day but compared to other games coming out GTA visually is a big disapointment. Probably will have great game play but graphics need to be better, i hope it improves.
UJUSTLOSTONE  +   2984d ago
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Hayabusa 117  +   2984d ago
How can anyone be complaining about the graphics? Sure, it's not Gears of war, but it's a free roaming sandbox game (with no loading times...) which other games of this genre look this good? Personally, it looks better than what I was expecting. I think most people's expectation are simple too high and unreasonable. I was going to buy it later on, seeing as there are so many great games coming out this fall, but this trailer just convinced me not to wait. Good stuff.
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XENOCIDE  +   2984d ago
Very Impressed
I agree, tho I knew from the jump this was a title to pre-order n' not wait on. The city, the people, everything seems to be very ALIVE n' that's what they've been promising n' what I was hoping R* would deliver on. From the looks of it they have. They've really created a living, breathing, thinking city, props for that. The first trailer LOOKED better (n' since WHEN has the GTA series ever been about LOOKS? Am I the only one who remembers how AWFUL the GTA series was graphically on last gen systems??), but this trailer is far more impressive due to the above reasons. People dangling from trucks n' helicopters, cops seem very realistic in their movements coordination.

Don't sleep on this or R*. Can't wait for the last trailer..
Tsalagi  +   2984d ago
What year is this GTA supposed to be set in?
MetalProxy  +   2984d ago
As long as the framerate stays up to par the game will rule. The graphics are Great! That trailer is not HD so dont get your panties in a bunch.
UJUSTLOSTONE  +   2984d ago
This game looks like its going to be wicked fun, Some of you guys are way to harsh, there is a lot of detail to the environments, and a lot more interactivity in the game. The Graphics aren't horrible, maybe you should go Directly to Rockstars site to watch the vid. Also keep in mind this a multiplat game so the sheen is not going to be as good as if they (rockstar) just concentrated on one system.

This game looks like it is going to be HELLA FUN


sorry, got a little carried away ...... won't happen again

Related video
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jolshwar  +   2984d ago
I thought...
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felidae  +   2984d ago
c'mon people ... let's be honest. this game looks good. i mean what do you expect it to look like ... a movie?

this will be the hottest GTA - you'll have fun with it.
Crazyglues  +   2984d ago
Looks Good.... NO!!! the game Looks amazing!
I still can't get over how good this game looks, as long as you saw it at Rockstar.com then you know what I mean.

I can't wait that was just unreal. Surely to be the best Christmas ever as I play GTAIV day and night until Christmas...

This will be my early present to my self. -Note to self : Thank you!
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sjappie  +   2984d ago
Just watched the hd version.
I think it actually looks great, a bit cartoony off course. I like the atmosphere.
Bill Gates  +   2984d ago
Anyone know how I would be able to see this from my PSP?

I'm at work, and Yahoo is blocked.

Thanks in advance.
Mk Red  +   2984d ago
Try shoving your PSP up your A$$
It may not help you view the video, but it's definitely deserved for all of the ignorant comments you've posted over the past few weeks ya jacka$$
MetalProxy  +   2984d ago
Dude you so copied that other guys avatar!? Enough with the name calling! If you cant take the Heat get out of the kitchen.
Dancryer  +   2984d ago
Awful quality vid
Watch this trailer at the official Rockstar site for a real look , The yahoo trailer makes it look like psp graphics ! lol
Hayabusa 117  +   2984d ago
Yeah, I first watched it from the official website. The yahoo vid looks pretty crap.
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