Phantom Hourglass sells 350,000 copies in two days

Released in Japan just a few days ago, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass has performed respectably on store shelves so far. The DS game sold 350,000 copies in just two days, making it the fastest-selling Zelda game since Ocarina of Time nearly ten years ago.

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sumfood4u4159d ago

No Surprise about the after~math!

MetalProxy4159d ago

And there is a few million DS out there so it shouldnt be hard to sell that many.

ITR4159d ago

500-600k sold next week.

DSL sales are up too!

PS360WII4159d ago

The impossible force of the DS hard at work

Loopy4159d ago

How imaginative! Another adventure of a green goblin trying to save a dimwitted princess who keeps flirting a big monster dinosaur.
Link, wake up! Zelda hasn't been abducted by the villain. She left you for someone with bigger muscles.

WANDA4159d ago

I live in japan!

Gaming really is for EVERYONE here.
Not because the japanese are so into games.
Only because nobody talks to eachother in public or shows any signs of individuality, so they escape into their cell phones and ds lite's which must all be silent in public places anyway.

So yes, most of the country has a DS, and yes, everything will go apecrazy over zelda because, yes. :amazing

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The story is too old to be commented.