Blue Dragon Coming To US August 28th

Microsoft Game Studios today announced that the highly anticipated role-playing game (RPG) "Blue Dragon" will ship to retailers throughout North America on August 28 for the estimated retail price of $59.99.

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PS360WII4185d ago

2 months away.... Well least it's only 2 months ^^

Well in any event I already have this guy pre-ordered and paid in full so all I have to do is walk in a grab it.

Odion4185d ago

woot woot can't wait, anyone wanna toss me a bubble

SuperSaiyan44185d ago

Odion gave you a positive for the bubble please show some love this way too :-)

I dont agree with having to pay for a pre-order in full in advanced and as such in the UK at least it is unheard of.

We go into GAME and pre-order for free.

I also cannot wait for this game!! Soo much soo that I bought the Japanese version knowing full well it would not work on my PAL 360 lol.

PS360WII4185d ago

oh they only say you need to put $5 on a pre-order but I like to be able to just walk in a walk out. If I want the game I don't want to sit and wait for the cashier to do his thing I just want to get back home asap so I can play the game.

Full paid pre-order is just a thing I do not required

sony4life4185d ago

this will hold me over until mass effect comes out:) is this still a 3 disk set?

MetalProxy4185d ago

M$ finally gets a decent turn based RPG. And they are my favorite but I dont have a 360 yet...humm

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The story is too old to be commented.