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PSFocus: BioShock 2 Review

PSFocus writes: "The first BioShock is now rightly a landmark in the history of video games called. The game immersed the player in literally under a crazy adventure, grabbed him by the throat by a fantastic, deep storyline with some clever plot twists and finally let him walk around in one of the most evocative settings ever: the failed underwater utopia Rapture. When the second part was announced, sowed doubts this course. The first BioShock was an excellent game that could stand alone and it was also the question whether a return to Rapture would have the same impact as that overwhelming first impression. Meanwhile BioShock 2 is available in stores and we have the answer ready for you in the form of a comprehensive review." (BioShock 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 90/100

zeeshan  +   1980d ago
I doubt this will ever come out of the Bioshock 1 shadow.

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