NYTimes: Heavy Rain Review

NYTimes Writes: I have probably spent 10,000 hours playing various sorts of electronic games. But no single-player experience has made me as genuinely nervous, unsettled, surprised, emotionally riven and altogether involved as Heavy Rain, a noir murder mystery inspired by film masters like Hitchcock, Kubrick and David Lynch.

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Maddens Raiders2849d ago

you can make it anywhere. Hat's off to Heavy Rain - drinks all 'round.

MmaFanQc2849d ago

"I have probably spent 10,000 hours playing various sorts of electronic games.

But no single-player experience has made me as genuinely nervous, unsettled, surprised, emotionally riven and altogether involved as Heavy Rain,"

acedoh2849d ago

the more it becomes one of my all time favorites. The emotions are so real and raw. For anyone who has experienced loss I am sure they can relate to the emotions in this story. Heavy Rain is a very intense and raw experience that brings emotions that very few games have. I can only hope we see more games like this.

I really can't believe some reviewers can justify low scores for this game. It is superb and if you are a video game reviewer then you should be mature enough to handle the theme of this game and appreciate what it has done. If you can't handle a game like this then you should not be writing reviews in the first place.

ActionBastard2849d ago

I don't know where to begin with this one. I've beat it twice, done things differently, experienced different scenarios, and am thinking about starting a 3rd go-round as I type this. Seeing as I don't want to burn myself out just yet, I'll play the God of War 3 demo. Christ...thank you Sony.

FACTUAL evidence2849d ago

is i'm seriously fed up with HR atm....this game keeps freezing and it's making me do a hard boot on my ps3, i even completed the game 4 times, and i did 2 "perfect crime" runs and didn't receive my trophy. This game is full of hella glitches, and i'm disappointed. It's a good game nonetheless, but the bugs in this game is damn near equivalent to fallout 3's.


UltraNova2849d ago

This is the best and most representative review of HR so far (If you played the game u would know). I haven't felt so engaged with a game since MGS4. This game is easily in my top 10 games of all time!

Well done Quantic Dream, well done..

starvinbull2849d ago

The most accurate review I have read so far.

Not glowing in praise but acknowleging of it's unique, undoubtably briiliant achievments.

badz1492848d ago

I went all the way down to Singapore just to have the game stores over here saying that the game is kinda banned in Singapore! is this true? you must be fvcking kidding me!! now I have to go back to ebay!

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Cerberus21252849d ago

Its from the New York Time,it is a professional Review

snp2849d ago

It is nice to read something written by someone who can write.

Nothing worse, or more facepalm ironic, than 'critics' attacking the writing of games - like Heavy Rain - in language/logic which is itself, at best, semi-literate.

kneon2849d ago

It's the NY times, I wouldn't expect anything less. This is so unlike much game "journalism" that often seems written by some kid that can barely string together a coherent sentence, let alone an entire article.

Anorexorcist2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

But the New York Times still doesn't have quite as much credibility as Teletext...XD /s

Let the haters in!!!

blind-reaper2849d ago

It may be the thousand and eight time you've heard this, but CAN'T WAIT... till my homie finish the game so I can borrow it (crisis still hard here in Mexico lol).

Harry_Manback2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

These types of games are the the kind that you need to BUY!!

Seriously, support Heavy Rain & Quantic Dream so we can all see innovation in the future.

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mayberry2849d ago

My favorite part of the review was "This is a wrenching, often disturbing, almost entirely gripping experience for grown-ups. The easy, intuitive controls should make it accessible to what ought to be Heavy Rain’s audience: adults who want a glimpse of the future of interactive entertainment, a future when characterization, writing and emotional connection are more important than combat mechanics." The reason i've always liked "sony" consoles is they lean towards the "adult" audience! PS1 started it off with the first "WIPEOUT" which was first to have a soundtrack from REAL artists! and it's continuing to this day! I'm 43, and have been gaming since PONG on the Magnavox Odyssey in '75!

acedoh2849d ago

I have been gaming since the 2600 and have grown with games in my life. Although the last few years there has been something missing with games. Maybe it's me growing up but the experiences have been missing something... Heavy Rain is bringing it all back for me...

FwanK2849d ago

I've been gaming for the last 20 years of my life and Heavy Rain was a new experience and one of the best ones i ever had

NeoBasch2849d ago

Completely agreed. This and Mass Effect 2 are two of my favorite games this year. Probably this generation as well. I can't imagine any game topping either of these experiences. Uncharted 2, Persona 3 & 4, and Silent Hill 2 are the only ones that can even come close. Heavy Rain is an amazing experience that I couldn't imagine anyone missing. If this is what the future has in store for us, I can't wait for more.

Hildor_muthafo2849d ago

Heavy Rain and Mass Effect 2, and its not even March yet. I just finished Heavy Rain about 10 mins ago, and it simply blew me away. Probably the best ending I've seen in a game for a long time, better than the ending in ME 2 even, though it pains me to say that after investing 35 hours into it. 35 hours well spent though. haha

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