Heavy Rain Review: You Have The Power To Foil A Serial Killer

The only problem with Heavy Rain, a dark and engaging title for Sony's PS3 console, is that players will not be able to put down their controllers.

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edwineverready2788d ago

but would give it a 9.5/10 because of some screen tearing and the controls that are frustrating sometimes.

cereal_killa2788d ago

Heavy Rain is great loved playing the 1st time and enjoying my 2nd time around even more.

IQUITN4G2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

The biggest problem from what i have read at least, is you can simply reload your last save or a save up to a certain point at least.As a result any real sense of dread and fear is almost entirely lost- you know after all there isn't a consequence to your failing a task and you may even dliberately choose to load in your old save based on an action you didn't like

It's truly hard to genuinely lose yourself because of these save systems.A forcing of consequence is surely required here

I applaud how consequence is dealt with by allowing a continuation of the story but it shouldn't allow for loading of a previous state.A perfectly valid point and it's what also made my time in Bioshock such a waste of time as well

Lykon2787d ago

surely this is a matter of choice though. I did reload a scene to play it differently. but i didn't have to.

GarandShooter2787d ago

Lykon is correct, it is a matter of choice. The game employs auto save, to do what you desire would require continuous save.

If I truly want to suffer the consequences, but can't resist the temptation to restart a scene that didn't quite turn out as I hoped would surely show more of a character flaw within myself than a design flaw in the game.

Lykon2787d ago

im still on first playthrough, i started off feeling it was a 7/10 , now i'm thinking more. 8/10, unfortunately , value for money clouds my judgment. If i was rich, or it was half the price, My feelings would be more along the lines of , wow! this is different! how interesting! unusual etc. as it is i feel a little deprived of having a playable game in the traditional sense to go back to and have fun with, there have been some really great moments so far though so maybe my opinion will change and it has affected my emotions more than any other "game" i've played in over 35 years :)