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Review: Deadly Premonition (Destructoid)

"We knew it would be a disturbed, crazy, very silly game, and we were prepared for more than enough cheesy, ironic humor. We were ready to laugh at it, in other words. However, nobody at Destructoid was truly prepared for this game. Nobody can be prepared for it. Despite taking its cues from Silent Hill, Clock Tower, Resident Evil and, of course, Twin Peaks, Deadly Premonition manages to be completely unique. In all honesty, there is nothing like this game. Perhaps there never will be again." (Deadly Premonition, Xbox 360) 10/10

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NeutralGamer  +   1982d ago
I am so much going to get this game!
xTruthx  +   1982d ago
LOL ........

Heavy Rain - 70
Deadly Premonition - 100
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Nike  +   1982d ago
@above: Funny you should say that. Found this comment by some one in the review,

"I had a sneaking suspicion that you reviewed this just to give it a higher score than Heavy Rain (and not just in a trolling way, as I don't doubt that you enjoyed it more and believe it deserves a higher score)."

That's...huh. Not sure what to make of Destructoid if that were true (though no journalist in their right mind would admit it).
happyface  +   1982d ago
kewl, xbox 360 for the win
Danteh  +   1982d ago
This is like one of those b-movies which are so bad that everybody loves (aka street fighter movie with van damme :D)

I want to try this game to lol a little, seriously!

PS: Anybody who gets mad at this review or score doesn't have a sense of humor
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iFLOWLIKEWATER  +   1982d ago
I'm tempted to try this game. I saw it at Gamestop for $20...hmmm.

Edit: Never mind, they mentioned the price in the review :p
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menoyou  +   1982d ago

Stopped reading right there. This site has zero credibility. I'll wait for a review from a trusted review site.
PrimordialSoupBase  +   1982d ago
If this is the videogame equivalent to 'The Happening' in terms of unintended hilarity... then sign me up.
wicko  +   1982d ago
Oh wow, 2/10 from IGN.. I know a lot of people don't agree with IGN's scores but at least they are semi accurate..


Looks like Jim Sterling just loves to hate on Heavy Rain.
newflesh  +   1982d ago
At least on destructoid. lol
AKNAA  +   1982d ago
may I have your attention please, may the Fake-a$$ Game reviewer...
sit the F#@K down and please shut-up!... please shut up!.. thank you.
Cyrax_87  +   1982d ago
Obviously this is a joke review BUT it actually is up on metacritic. This is exactly why people complain about bias reviews and metacritic not being trust worthy. It's a joke.
mrv321  +   1982d ago
How long before the xbox 360 fanboys come in here and mention Heavy Rain.

That doesn't stop fanboy you know? They can be very illogical and stupid.

I may buy this game, but I don't beleive it's a 10/10.
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NeutralGamer  +   1982d ago
I dont think we should talk console war now :)
But about how great this game is...
Dont worry its also on PS3...
blitz0623  +   1982d ago
2/10 from IGN
0.5/5 from some other website

then a 10/10 from Destructoid? LOL
beavis4play  +   1982d ago
another site gave this game a "0.5" score?
and this site gives it a perfect score?

so much for reviews.
Bilbo65  +   1982d ago
It's Destructiod/Jim Sterling this site shouldn't even be on metacritic biggest trolls ever

That 10 min video that was floating around gave me a massive headache just watching it, cant imagine 4+ hours? of that.
Godmars290  +   1982d ago
Let's just hope this is an honest opinion.
If its fanboy fueled... :(
Pebz  +   1982d ago
I realize that the score can be considered bad for "review integrity" (does such a thing actually exist today though?) and whatnot, but at some level it's as right as a review can be. This review succeeds where many reviews utterly fail, namely focusing on the fun value of the game. Too many reviews nowadays put way too much into brand names and graphics. Take GTA4 if you need an obvious example.

Games are primarily about having fun, and if a game is so amazingly bad (intentionally or otherwise) that you are almost in tears laughing throughout most of the game, than I think the game is a success. Well, just read the actual review (not just the score) and you might understand. Perhaps.

Should this game be a 10/10 by today's standards? Obviously not, but reviews and scores can be so blatantly flawed, that this one sticking out like a sore thumb should be the least of concerns for someone who wants *proper* reviews.
NeutralGamer  +   1982d ago
No because the other sites are failing at reviews.. They dont review a game for what it is anymore... They base their reviews on the game compared to the competetion...

Like how Bad Company 2 is constant compared to MW2
And how Dantes Inferno is compared to GoW series...

Try read the review :)
Heres the part where they judge the game for what it IS:

"Do we judge it on story quality? If so, then we have a game that makes no sense and frequently makes light of murder and sexual deviancy. I say a game needs to be judged by how often it made you happy, how much you laughed or became excited, and how long you spend thinking about it after it was finished. If we judge it by those standards, then Deadly Premonition, my friends, is simply stunning. No other game has made me laugh so hard, laugh almost to the point of tears, laugh just by thinking about it. Deadly Premonition may well be the first game reviewed almost purely for its comedic value, but for a game so funny, it has to be done. "
darthv72  +   1982d ago
i like what you said there about the comparative nature in reviews.
Seems review sites really lost their way from years ago. In all honesty the only time a review should have a comparison is when it is comparing it to itself on a different platform.

I like reviews to be about the game at hand not the game it is aspiring to be compared to. Seems the reviewers fill in the gaps of a review with comparatives because they dont know any other way to see it. Like movies today. You run out of content and you fill in the rest with nudity and vulgar language.

If this game is being reviewed on itself and not being compared to any other game then I can respect the opinion of the reviewer. All those reviews of games like dante inferno being compared to GoW and Bayonetta compared to Devil may cry, get real and dont look at the game you are reviewing as if you want it to be some other game.

When you do that, it only clouds the vision of the game you are playing.

As to this game, it looks to be so cheesy and bad on purpose that it has to be as good as they say. Like a good...badly made B movie.
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Rucury  +   1982d ago
Yes, I agree, games should be reviewed for what they ARE, not for how good they are compared to "X" game or "Y" game...

Then again, it's good to have a high "standard" in video games, no?

We all like to hear Ocarina of Time is the best, but by saying it's the best, we are essentially comparing it to other games. I'm split 50/50 here.

When a great RPG comes out (RPG X), why is it wrong to state that another RPG (RPG Y) failed at providing what RPG X DID provide... It just helps game better themself, right? A little friendly competition?

Or I could be wrong. Dunno.
ClownBelt  +   1982d ago
"Deadly Premonition is beautiful. No, not graphically. Graphically it's atrocious. It's a beautiful trainwreck, and it's well aware of the fact. Despite this game being quite like everything ever made, there's nothing quite like the game itself. There is absolutely nothing in this industry that can compare to how weird and wonderful the whole experience is. Judged as a piece of entertainment, as a game that consistently surprises and amazes and leaves jaws hanging, I have no choice but to say that Deadly Premonition goes above and beyond. This game is so bad, it's not just become good. It's pretty close to perfect."

Lmao. If you didn't get this review then you're a joke.
NeutralGamer  +   1982d ago
I get it... And I've red it all through (compared to others)
ClownBelt  +   1982d ago
And that's where you fail, because you thought they were serious about it.
NeutralGamer  +   1982d ago
Its you who dont get it...
He IS serious bout the review... The game made him laugh so much because it was a piece of Sh*t..

And he clearly thinks that the game deserves 10 for making him laugh so much...
ClownBelt  +   1982d ago
That's why it's a joke review. You cannot based it off on that and ignore every bad aspect of the game. You're reviewing this for the people to read it and to help their decision on whether they should or should not purchase the game.

This "review" is nothing more than an editorial piece of writing.
Nike  +   1982d ago
"Deadly Premonition is like watching two clowns eat each other. It's perverse, it's wrong, and yet it's so f*cking funny."

(Backs away about 10 feet)

Edit: This review is kind of reminds me of Funny Games - you had to keep a really open mind and just admit you were along for the ride, admitting to yourself that yes, what you're experiencing is terrible (for the movie, terrible as in horrific; for this review, terrible as in mediocre) but you have to see through to the end - even though you're clearly being mocked for that very same purpose.

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Parapraxis  +   1982d ago
Destructoid is officially a NON-gaming site in my books.

I don't give a crap if this entire review is a joke.
It's just not funny.
ClownBelt  +   1982d ago
I agree.
Rocket Sauce  +   1982d ago
Video games are supposed to be super-DUPER cereal

Related image(s)
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HoofHearted  +   1982d ago
At least this may finally get Destructoid off Metacritic
Justified or not, Metacritic takes itself very seriously. When they find out this review was one big troll, one big middle finger from Sterling, maybe they'll finally smarten up and take this site off Metacritic.
George Sears  +   1982d ago
Judging by this review, this game might be the first game that does not want to take it self seriously at all. Maybe the first comedy (hiding from horror) genre you can find. The devs probably just went along with the crazy ass story. Even the main character is f@cked up with his split personality, reminiscent of the game itself.

Pretty interesting and quite frankly controversial review. If you read it, you sort of appreciate how bad the game is yet how much of its not taking itself seriously side makes it somewhat enjoyable.
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bjornbear  +   1982d ago
not funny...
its a joke, i get it...but meh =/ they didn't pull it off well, just looks awkward

but in all honestly they look like the awkward guy making the whole thing a joke when in all honesty...it wasn't...

"haha we are 360 fanboys but we can have a laugh at a bad 360 game "

*awkward fake smile*
Ninji  +   1982d ago
Wanna know a bigger joke than Destructoid? Metacritic.
Since Metacritic uses Destructoid's reviews it just means all of their averages are a joke. Destructoid is a joke blog site and Metacritic accepts their reviews which makes them both about as reliable as a wiki or some other generic blog.
mrv321  +   1982d ago
Actually Metacritic is less of a joke.

See Destructoid contains 99.9% of Destructoid ( +/- 00.1 accuracy), while metacritic contains 1% Destructoid so Metacritic is only 1% failure ( with other sites bringing the failomometr up )

Giantbomb is the site EVERYONE should go to for reviews, previews and quick looks.
baum  +   1982d ago
Uh, no
Metacritic is a bigger failure because it's taken seriously, so their impact in terms of "game X is better than game Y" is big (as far as those naïve enough to follow metacritic). Nobody takes Destructoid seriously. Most people would think Metacritic doesn't include garbage outlets like Edge, Teletext and Destructoid, so they are taken seriously, but the problem is, they do.

If crap websites weren't included, the metascores would certainly be different and you'd see underrated games get proper consideration and overhyped garbage stay in its proper place.
kingdavid  +   1982d ago
right on baum.

The biggest joke here is people who take metacritic seriously and cry when a bad metacritic review comes out.

Seriously, Who gives a fk? Is it gonna change your love and appreciation for a game if its 2 points lower?

Too bad noone has a sense of humour anymore and take this so seriously...
AngryTypingGuy  +   1981d ago
"Metacritic is a bigger failure because it's taken seriously"...wouldn't that make it a success?
kingboy  +   1982d ago
Game journalism nowadays fails big time it's just fanboys running the show
AyeKay47  +   1982d ago
Triple A !!!
newflesh  +   1982d ago
Best comment
I'll be waiting for the 10 dollar "Game Of The Year Edition" (c)
chidori666  +   1982d ago
lmao in Destructoid.. :)
The Iron Sheik  +   1982d ago
Does Jim Sterling actually think he is funny? What a douche.
kingdavid  +   1982d ago
He scored heavy rain 3 points lower than this.

It hurts you doesnt it? Deep down.

Get a sense of humour. Reviews serious business.
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The Iron Sheik  +   1982d ago
Yes it really hurts me deep down because I care SO much what Jim Sterling thinks.

And I have a sense of humor, this article was just not funny.
Demarco156  +   1982d ago
oooooooh so all review of destruroid are jokes

nooow i get it
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AllroundGamer  +   1982d ago
is this somekind of a new score system, where Heavy Rain would get 20/10, and 10/10 here means what would be in normal reviews 0/10? :D but i get it, it's like the crappy cheesy movies, which gained cult status, because they are so bad :)
DigitalAnalog  +   1982d ago
I hate the dude but.........
For some "dark" reason, I feel the score and review is truly justified. Now I'm pumped to get this on the PS3 (knowing full well I'll spend $50 more than the 360 version)

-End statement
king123  +   1982d ago
they are just kidding with the score ( just saying with the dumb guys spreading around )
I may actually buy this game after all that's all I want in games
I mean it's like a new genre ( comedy survival game )
I'd love to see better comedy in games but in a better quality
BTW I LMAO reading the review and I guess I know what he mean by so Bad so good
Just like a wrestling game on my PS1 that I tried after buying a PS3
and I almost blew my stomach from laughing back then
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Arsenic13  +   1982d ago
He isnt kidding. The game is a terrible masterpiece. I would give it a 9/10 for being such a weird experience. It does so many things wrong but thats what makes it right. Just because it isnt SUPER HIGH DEF. Doesn't mean its bad.
Erotic Sheep  +   1982d ago
ROFL!!!!!!!!!! XD
Arsenic13  +   1982d ago
People seem to forget reviews are OPINION. And when did this and Heavy Rain become comparable? Idiots.
The_Nameless_One  +   1982d ago
People seem to forget that it's JIm Sterling. The man has no journalistic integrity what so ever.
Arsenic13  +   1982d ago
Because he shares a different opinion than you?
Rocket Sauce  +   1982d ago
YES, EXACTLY! Edward R. Murrow is turning over in his grave because some guy on a blog likes a game.
The_Nameless_One  +   1982d ago
No. Having different opinions is just fine by me. However, Jim has demonstrated in the past that he has zero credibility. Taking him seriously is just like taking Yahtzee seriously. Jim's a plague on the gaming journalistic industry and the sad thing that everyday more people like him get into that business.
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tamd  +   1982d ago
destructoid sux , they only good in making hey ash watch ya playin
SiteNblog Defender  +   1982d ago
Typical Sony fanboys whining about a website.
Nike  +   1982d ago
I'm a PC gamer. And I'm whining about this review because I don't really think, "I want this piece of f*cking crap because it's no good!" is a very strong impetus to buy a game. So sue me.
MajesticBeast  +   1982d ago
Press X to whine about fanboys. JASON!
I still dont get how they gave heavy rain a 7 its 1 of the most intense games i ever played i had to put down the controller sometimes cause i needed a breather. Maybe the whistling in the game is worth a 10 i still have it in my head.
Rocket Sauce  +   1982d ago
The funniest thing is Deadly Premonition is also on PS3
rezzah  +   1982d ago
Its a cult game
Most may not enjoy it, but few are going to love it off. Nothing wrong with liking this game just dont compare it to heavy rain 360 fans.
FwanK  +   1982d ago
aren't reviews supposed to be objective?
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Kittenz  +   1982d ago
I think the guys just messing with people to get a rise out of fanboys
PandaJenkins  +   1982d ago
These guys are joking around jeez. People are getting too serious about it. It seems like one of those games that is so horribly bad that it is hilariously fun to play through. And that seems to be why Destructoid loves it.
devsgreat  +   1982d ago
i wasnt a big fan of destructoid...after this? mehh
Stationfan  +   1982d ago
I saw that clip with the old lady, and to be honest it was so silly it made me chuckle the protaganist reminded me of beavis and butthead in fact it looked like he had braces.
spunnups  +   1982d ago
These comments are boggling my mind
It's so bad it's good? Terrible masterpiece? Maybe ill jump over to justin.tv and see what this is all about
menoyou  +   1982d ago
Doesn't look too hot.
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