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Heavy Rain Review - Alternative Magazine Online

AMO's Marty Mulrooney has written a huge review for Heavy Rain on PlayStation 3:

"Expectations for Quantic Dream's new PlayStation 3 game Heavy Rain have been incredibly high for several months now: I cannot personally remember the last time I have so consciously anticipated a game leading up to release day. My mind has been practically salivating at the prospect of experiencing something that could potentially change how interactive stories in videogames are told forever. There have also been worries and doubts: as always, anything with this much anticipation placed upon its shoulders is playing Russian roulette with the critics even before release. But now its finally here and I can hopefully convey the extent that Heavy Rain has succeeded, or indeed failed, to Alternative Magazine Online's readers." (Heavy Rain , PS3) 9/10

Commander TK  +   1878d ago
This probably
deserves a 9/10, but I'm not sure I will buy because I was spoiled thanks to Wikipedia. Is this game worth it even if u know who the killer is?
Julie  +   1878d ago
I believe yes and a lot of people is spoiled don't worry some sad individuals are just creating accounts with the killer name to spoil the game. You have to play and live each of the character feelings so i believe that knowing the killer is not a big deal , is annoying but no game breaking , though i wish i didn't know :(

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