Wii's 3rd-Party Line-up - When Are The Big Titles Coming?

The question that is on many Wii gamers lips, just when are the big titles coming? Wii Chat looks at what is in store for the Wii in the rest of the year.

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Torch4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

how the Wii is soooo hurting for games, yet continues to sell like hotcakes.

It's interesting how it's not nearly accused of lacking games like the PS3 is. What is it, are Wii owners more patient??? In reality, no one should realistically expect the Wii OR PS3 to have a rich library at this early point in time, yet insecure fanboys never fail to rehash the PS3 as the scapegoat - over, and, over and, over - for it's current lack of titles.

Although the games will surely arrive for both systems, I truly question the Wii's longevity and support for hardcore titles (Cooking Mama and the Mario franchise notwithstanding.)

boi4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

well all i can say is gd luck for wii's future as i have friends with the wii...they kept saying its fun for abit and fun when other people is around to play but then it dies down after awhile...well does that explain it? its fun but lack what the 360/ps3 is getting...and the people that gets them are either because of it being fun/cheap/new way ofplay or Nintendo die hard fans :) or for my friends its Zelda :D

and it will soon slow down pretty soon if devs wanting more what they can get out of 360/ps3! truthly is that the people that buys wii is mostly 80% not into games as much as people who owns a 360/ps3 unless im wrong :D but overall the 80% of them only have lets say 2-3 wii titles that they proberly play but not often but when they have time includes family times/parties/gatherings ect but this don't include Japan because in Japan they love there party games lol

ITR4187d ago


Have you ever seen the smash my wii or PS3 vids on youtube?

Sony fans berated/fanboy bashed the smash guy.

Nintendo fans cheered him on.

It's all in the attitude, I say.

Mk Red4187d ago

How many consoles the Wii has sold. That's what's strange.
Then again, look how many people bought the bedazzler. People love gimmicks

The KEN KUTARAGI4187d ago

What's REALLY strange is how many people bought the ZUNE!
oh wait..........

Torch4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Yeah, I saw the PS3 one (some of those guys were actually crying), and heard about the Wii one. (I think the uh, "project"(?) originates right here in Toronto...I think it was at the Eaton Center (or maybe that was that 'Smash my iPod'???)

But you're so right: When I was standing in line for my Wii (ya, so, I admit don't know ME!!!), there wasn't one malicious soul in the entire huge lineup (and there were more teenagers/early adults than there were soccer moms or ten-year-olds.). It carried out smoothly, without a hitch.

As for the PS3...well, uh, you know.

@Bill Gate5
Yeah...I've gotta admit: I still want The Clapper and Whisper 2000...and oh yeah: And I really yearn for the "I've Fallen and I can't get up!" thing.

Not the gadget; just the commercial. ;)



Satanas4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Torch man, you got it right on the spot.

@BILL GATE5/Ken Kutaragi: those were actually pretty funny, I admit.

ahah, the article refers to it as "Nu-E3." 80's metal fans should get that joke xD

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sumfood4u4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

When has any Videogame System not kept us waiting on that one game? That what they do best, especially SE! yeah i'm a big FF fan, so patience is virtue!

p.s. BTW people want to know why Wii is selling without games right now is because this Holiday all they have to worrie about is the Tight Games!

Husso4187d ago


devs already made those games... 5 years ago, this is the new gen.

THE_JUDGE4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

I don't care anything about this console and their games, in fact I'd go as far as saying the Wii is hurting gaming as a whole. Dev's are spending time and money on casual games and not on the art that games are supposed to be. Cooking Mama? Elebits? Please theres nothing on this system or will be I think that will ever make me want to wave a wand at the tv to play a game.

@ITR I never called Elebits casual but I will call it lame compaired to thousand other games.

@ItsDubC Wii has no defining game, its horrible spread pretty evenly across the platform as whole. I would take any X360 or PS3 game even Sonic or Bomberman over the Wii as whole. It's bringing gaming down!

ITR4187d ago

I would not call Elebits a casual game.

Me and my friends struggle to even get through most levels.

The game is almost too hard for one player.

The game is easy to pickup but not very easy to master.

ItsDubC4187d ago

Why do ppl always bring up Cooking Mama as if it were the defining Wii game? It'd be like me treating Bomberman: Act Zero as the defining 360 game, or Sonic the Hedgehog as the defining PS3 game.

ITR4187d ago


I think Frenzy Fusion is worst 360 game.

Far Cry/Rapala Fishing for the Wii. (Cooking Mama is a love it/hate it type game...I like CM)

PS3 Sonic and RR7

ItsDubC4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Hehe, forgot about Fusion Frenzy as it was, well, pretty forgettable.

I agree tho, Cooking Mama is one of those type of games. So far it's the only Wii game that I've returned but I have some friends that like it. Just not my bag o' beans I guess.


The fact that you would take ANY 360/PS3 game over a Wii game is ridiculous, seeing as how the chances that you've played EVERY Wii, 360, and PS3 game is extremely slim. But of course, that reasoning is based on the fact that you would judge a console's game library on some sort of logic rather than shallow, narrow-minded judgment. Your standards for gaming are simply laughable (and let me guess, strictly visually-oriented).

unsunghero284186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Have you ever played Elebits, or Cooking Mama? No. So who are you to say that it's not "art"?

And the Wii isn't bringing gaming down, it's lifting it up from what previously seemed to be a future of doom. Do you remember all the articles of analysts claiming that the industry as a whole was doomed to disappear because the audience was disappearing? How many articles like that do you see now?

Plus, I bet if you looked at the amount of "hardcore" games coming out last gen compared to the "hardcore" games coming out this gen you would see that the number is actually higher in this generation.

The only thing that seems to be hurting gaming is when people like you run around with their swelled heads and think that they're better than everybody else; Ignoring the idea that just maybe the "gaming" you've treasured for so long isn't closed off only to your narrow audience anymore.

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