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1UP's Heavy Rain Video Review

Matt Leone and David Ellis share their thoughts on Quantic Dream's epic PS3 Action Adventure game Heavy Rain in this video review. For additional info on the game, check out David's text review on 1UP. Shot by Nelson Laut and Richard Li. Sound by Scott Weber. Edited by Nelson Laut. Music by Nelson Laut. (Heavy Rain , PS3) A-/A+

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Al Bundy  +   2048d ago
Awesome review for an awesome game.
DarkTower805  +   2048d ago
Yup, got my copy today and I'm loving it. I've never been so emotionally vested in a game before. Probably because I'm a single dad of a 10 year old boy, just like in the game lol.
maskedwarrior  +   2048d ago
Liking what I played so far as well.
simplyRealistic18  +   2048d ago
watching this game doesn't do any justice, because i watch this game on jtv for a pretty goood amount of time and let me tell you, I-WAS-BORED-OUT-MY-FU_C_KING- mind

the selling point of this game is playing it first hand and that how you get the emotional aspect of it
jjacinto23  +   2048d ago
I was playing it for the forth story.......... so far i got different ending in each
A Cupcake for Gabe  +   2048d ago
Heavy Rain is amazing. I actually failed a QTE on purpose because I let my own personal feelings overtake my need to be perfect. The story, the mature content. I honestly believe if HR doesn't tear your heart into pieces and consume you to the point you play with your own emotions instead of you hands, you are either a child or have no soul. HR is redefining and those two jackass reviews who gave this game 4 & 4.5s out of 10, need to kill themselves. Everything that is HR out side a few small quirks, is brilliant and David Cage deserves a friggin Oscar for his outstanding writing.
Shang-Long  +   2048d ago
It won't win game of the year but i hope it wins alot of others. Such a great experience.

Off topic
just played gow3 demo omg I never knew i'd enjoyed pulling out a cyclopse eye out so much. Or ripping off someones head and use it to help me find a clue lol
jamesgtaiv  +   2048d ago
Seriously almost crapped myself during one scene.
the standoff. all im gonna say about it is I shouldnt have.
PrimordialSoupBase  +   2048d ago
@A Cupcake for Gabe "I honestly believe if HR doesn't tear your heart into pieces and consume you to the point you play with your own emotions instead of you hands, you are either a child or have no soul."

I am sorry but the game telling me to press specific buttons all the time, several at that, was a constant barrier for immersion. I really do not understand how interacting in absolutely trivial tasks adds ANYTHING to the experience. If this had been a choose your own adventure in which you just tip the balance and sit back to watch, its cinematic and dramatic ambition would be far more fully realised. Instead, it always remained a game about a controller.
Anorexorcist  +   2048d ago
@ A Cupcake for Gabe
"if HR doesn't tear your heart into pieces...you are either a child or have no soul."

Did you know people can be both? Yeah, they can be a Ginger kid.

Anyway, yeah it's great to see another AAA review for Heavy Rain. The news on sales for HR have shown a healthy interest by the public and the reviews are great as well. Radical departures from the norm like Heavy Rain should be granted with great commercial and critical success if we ever hope to live in a gaming world not dominated by COD and it's clones.
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Bubble Buddy  +   2048d ago

one prediction right :P
Kerrby  +   2048d ago
@ Bubble Buddy
That review was for God of War 3, this review is for Heavy Rain.

How was your prediction right?
Bubble Buddy  +   2048d ago
^ whoops :| my mistake it's late here and im dead tired after a long week, so yeah just ignore it thanks for noticing the mistake
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sikbeta  +   2048d ago

You Played Indigo/F?

Well, if you Played it, let me tell you that HR is Far Better than Indigo/F


Great Score for a Great Game

Gamers FTW!!!
Gran Touring  +   2048d ago
Good review. I still gotta play this game myself; as soon as midterms are over... :/
GameGambits  +   2048d ago
Screw midterms. It'd take you 9-10 hours to complete the game. You can find the time.
ClownBelt  +   2048d ago
I've never seen this site gives low scores to be honest.
ArcFatalix  +   2048d ago
lol they they gave lots of low scores to PS3 games
Heavy Rain is a terrific game and deserves 9/10.
BannedForNineYears  +   2048d ago
I accidentally clicked "Continue" on the video without changing the year I was born! Now it thinks I'm 10 and can't watch the video! Even if I try a different browser.
God, sure, I'm not over 18 but who cares? I'll do what I want! (Cartman reference xD)
Bigrhyno  +   2048d ago
I think the best thing to do would be to try again in 8 years.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2048d ago
^^^^^ I just spilled my beer because I fell over laughing ^^^^^

+bubble for that wit!
BannedForNineYears  +   2048d ago
I'm glad some people are getting a good laugh out of this.

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack, it's not like there are gonna be boobs in the review.
djtek184  +   2048d ago
Teletext must be feeling pretty lonely by now
Anorexorcist  +   2048d ago
1up is actually known. Teletext just barely became known for their B.S. Heavy Rain review.
These and the several other 9+ reviews HR has gotten from well-known gaming media outlets only further displays how deep in the tar pits teletext is in.
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cereal_killa  +   2048d ago
There will always be a site whether it's known or not that will do a low score just for hits. And there will always be an idiot Muppet trolling these sites just to find these type of reviews and of course they will be the only ones they remember.

ON Topic: Great review for a great game on my second time playing it trying to get a different ending I don't think certain things will change but some of the outcomes will be different. A definitely a must play for people who want a change from the FPS hack n slash type games.
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XDF  +   2048d ago
I did it.
I just bought Heavy Rain from gamestop.

I am going to play this game over the weekend.

Any game that scores in the upper 80s has a place in my library. I now have 16 PS3 games in my library with FF13 and GOW3 paid for in March. 18 and counting baby.
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foxxy  +   2048d ago
Sry for the caps but i just got blown away.
shammgod  +   2048d ago
this game should be played by all. truly, one of the best games i have ever played
hetz15  +   2048d ago
I just beat my first playthrough. The story is awesome, it's so rare to find this kind of game nowadays which offers great story. I was surprised with the killer honestly,but don't worry because I won't spoil anything :). Yes,there are some issues with the game(but I didn't get any freezing problem or audio, just screen tearing maybe twice during my last 5 hours) but PS3 owners who want to enjoy something different than RPG or FPS must get this game. Off to get different endings now :p
user858621  +   2048d ago
Just finished the game yesterday, and yh it was totally epic!!! xD
Dev8 ing  +   2048d ago
Got my copy and loving it. Note if you are less than 18 years old you may not grasp this game.
foxxy  +   2048d ago
The story
Is a 11 out of 10
yogaflame  +   2048d ago
well two bias reviews along with teletext will not bring this game down
Arnon  +   2048d ago
Absolutely love this game. It's now one of my all-time favorite PS3 games.

The game suffers from some annoying glitches however. Did anyone else have only the character model load up and everything around them was just a black abyss? Also, it was short. I beat it in one sitting.

However, it's still one of my favorite games this gen. The story blew me away, and the graphics were phenomenal. 10/10 from me.
militant07  +   2048d ago
what i hate about this game the non sense and the huuuge amount of plot holes.

other than than its brillinght awsome and fresh kind of games.
blakstarz  +   2048d ago
this game really hits home, like someone said this is the most emotionally driven game I've ever played on a console, very adult theme based which is a gem....this game is in a lane all by itself. Its very compelling and I too am a dad of two young boys so I can understand how how the character Ethan is being fleshed out....this game should definitely be up there with GOTY status!

The characters of the game look eerie like the voice actors: http://arstechnica.com/gami...
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