What other RPG studios are plotting PS3 releases? Where's White Knight Story?

This is a great bit of news for anyone out there who has been itching for some next-gen role-playing action, but like to stay away from the "MTV of RPG: Final Fantasy" stuff. A bunch of Japanese developers sat down and discussed their plans for now regarding the PS3 and you may be happy to know that a lot of studios have started moving on to the new console.

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Marona4186d ago

Glad to hear more RPG's will be announced for the PlayStation 3. It's already picking up it's pace just like the PS2 ;D! w00t

LeShin4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

When I first saw White Knight Story on gametrailers, my mouth dropped! Really looking forward to that :)

Man, I love rpg's, there just isn't enough hours in the day to play them all lol

Loudninja4186d ago

E3 just got much better

Leogetz4186d ago

White knight story is a game I'm looking forward to seeing, it looks like one awesome game, I can't wait to see more RPGs and I can't wait for E3.

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