UK company has had enough of repairing Xbox 360s

The plot thickens! Micromart Ltd, a UK based company which has apparently 'been providing a comprehensive repair service to games Consoles for over 10 years' has decided to can the service.

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DirtyRat4187d ago

Seems strange for a console repair service to be annoyed by getting more business sent their way! Surely they should be thanking M$ for the manufacturing problem?

Hayabusa 1174187d ago

Yeah, that's what I thought until I read the full article. The heading makes it sound like they're simply tired of fixing 360s. But the article gives the impression that they can't coupe with the number of repairs coming in.

sjappie4187d ago

Why stop repairing all xboxes? They must be making money on it.

RealityCheck4187d ago

The truth is that they don't get to charge individually for each unit they repair because then more repairs would always be good business for them. In actuality, a repair center will make an estimate of how much to charge per units for average repairs of different kind, estimate how much of each type of repair they expect, and then make a ballpark deal whereas they will charge X amount of money for Y amount of repair units for a time Z.

More than likely, repairs have been more intensive and costly then they expected, so they are probably not making much money (or even loosing money, yes that is possible) and decided not to renew or extend their contracts.

Microsoft is very shrewd at negotiations so I'm sure the repair center got the short end of the stick. That being said, Microsoft will easily find another place to pick up the repairs, they might just have to pay the next place a little better.

Killfooler4187d ago

The problem is that for them to fix the ring of death, they would have to give some sort of guarantee that the problem will STAY fixed. They're asserting that the issue has to do with the design of the hardware. They've already had cases where their "fix" only lasted a couple of weeks. In a case like this, they would be obligated to CONTINUE to fix the problem for free until it is resolved. If the problem is associated with the hardware design, however, they would be obligated indefinitely to the repair of a system that simply CANNOT be repaired.

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deepio4187d ago

This is bad news. I've had my launch day 360 repaired already in April last year. I hope I'm not going to be anticipating another failure anytime soon....

Shadow Flare4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago ) don't know what will last longer, your game or your console. I don't get it, the 360 has a fan as loud as a jet engine and it STILL overheats and dies. If Microsoft was trying to think up a catchy 3 figure name for the new xbox, then they should've scraped '360' and gone with 'POS'. Congats to Peter Moore for approving that heap of crap. Huh,...i guess cos he's the boss that makes him...the lord of the rings???

kornbeaner4187d ago

Don't forget that peter moore was one of the figure heads when the Dreamcast got sent out to pastor. I really don't know how he got a job doing the same thing at MS.

Babylonian4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

But you know what the stange thing is. The original Xbox didn't have a failure rate as high as the 360 (I think the original Xbox had even a lower failure rate than the PS2, but I don't know for sure I'm just saying so), so why all of a sudden is this the situation with the 360?

I think that Microsoft looked at what Sony did with their PS2. Many companies look at what their competitors do, but especially Microsoft. If they see how another company succeeds, they try to mimick it (Apple for instance cam with the mouse, and Vista looks a bit like MacOS). I have absolutely no problem with that because the more competition there is the better it is for us.

But are you seeing what I'm trying to tell. Microsoft looked at what Sony did with their PS2 (early lead, cheaper than the Xbox, big 3rd party support) and tried to use this strategy. The only problem was they they might have rushed the internal design of the 360 so that it would have that early start.

And that's the reason for the high failure rate I think. It was a smart move by Microsoft, but it may bite them in the ass in the long run. The only thing that is different from last gen and now is that the PS2 is still supported and the PS3 is gaining in popularity because it has time to establish while it's older brother still stands strong. And if the price is cut and the games are there alot of people will buy the PS3. Sony is then back at the top with it's Playstation brand.

Man I can't wait for E3.

kornbeaner4187d ago

Why as a company would you complain about work. The easy solution to this would be, do it really S-L-O-W! If it's not in your contract to have a quick turn-around then hold MS by the man-berries until they are ready to negotiate a fair deal, seeing as this machine seems to have a large amount of defective consoles.

thewhoopimen4186d ago

I hope you're being sarcastic...

Let's see how you would react if they S-L-O-W-L-Y repaired your xbox360.

thewhoopimen4186d ago

I hope you're being sarcastic...

Let's see how you would react if they S-L-O-W-L-Y repaired your xbox360.

004187d ago

reported this story as old and duplicated story.

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