Heavy Rain Chronicle 1: The Taxidermist Review

TGH Writes:

"Those who picked up the collector's edition of Heavy Rain (including myself) will be able to indulge in an extra chapter, courtesy to the exclusive content available. This can be accessed by redeeming the code which came free within the collector's edition on the PlayStation Store.

The Taxidermist is simply a break from the main story, which involves one of the four main protagonists, Madison Paige. Still on the hunt for the Origami Killer, her bosses send her to interview a taxidermist named Leland on the outskirts of town. With the front door locked tight, and an eerie feel in the air, Madison climbs through a back window to investigate at her own peril."

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The Wood2944d ago

this part totally left my memory. I hope they release it without charge.

Pillage052944d ago

if you preordered the game from gamestop/EB then you should have received a code for free download. The code says a $4.99 I'm assuming that means if you don't have the code..then it's gonna be that price.

Serjikal_Strike2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

with my HR pre-order..its says on my promo card that it has a $4.99 value beat me to it

nycredude2944d ago

I didn't preorder so I have to pay for this but pay I will. Loved the game!

The Wood2944d ago

that was the tradeoff for getting it a couple weeks early. Fully enjoyed it.

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