Getting Gamers to Watch TV

Do gamers watch television? A number of programmers from game, television and film are betting that audiences will continue to cross over to follow their favorite characters and worlds. Hollywood and Games coverage within…

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Shadow Flare3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

when i saw this article, i thought 'what a crap article'. But then i thought, 'hey, i don't actually watch much tv at all'.



......what a waste of the only bubble i have

sjappie3920d ago

Playing games and surfing the web have taken over from watching tv for the biggest part. Besides, most of the time nothing on tv is worth watching.

DirtyRat3920d ago

indeed TV is on the whole pretty crap, bar some excellent TV series...

MaximusPrime3920d ago

TV is just getting worst and worst over the years. So playing computer is the only alternative to enjoyment.