Killzone 2 Beta Rumor Debunked

The Official PlayStation blog has debunked the recent Killzone 2 beta invite rumours.

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Omegasyde4191d ago

Wow. Now I wonder if they would debunk the rumor of it releasing this year also?

Satanas4191d ago

All we really know about the release (other than most gaming sites pegging it for Feb 2008) so far is this:

SF49er4084191d ago

dang i wanted to see the graphics. im pretty sure killzone is a sure thing. graphics and gameplay wise. sony's development teams r pretty damn good i guess and with all that money i can imagine theyve hired the best artists, gameplay designers, story writers, and production people money can buy. plz be good i wanna have babies with u killzone

Maddens Raiders4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

that this game is actually spawning hype in exchange for even more ridiculous exaggerated hype.

Beta testing? 1st things first people...umm like e3? There aren't even ANY screens! XD LOL

Babylonian4191d ago

All this hype for something we haven't even seen! Only a mythical trailer from ancient times (E3 2005). It's getting everybody exited. Heck I was so excited that I bought the first Killzone game last year and played through the whole game. And I have to say that it wasn't bad at all. It had potential, but it was restricted by the PS2 hardware. But now with the PS3 you bet that this will blow peoples minds.

I even bought Liberation, and I don't even have a PSP! (waiting for the redesign, which will be announced at E3 I hope)

Maddens Raiders4191d ago

Yeah, I've ben hooked since '04 dude. The old game simply rocks to me. I love the gritty griminess of it; sounds wierd, but it was refreshing at the time. a/w Yeah, man if you're ever on in the KZ1 boards add me:

SF2 - Guile -

I love that old game and still play now. Oh yeah and Liberation is outstanding.

Babylonian4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Those are lots of games hehehe;). Nice collection.

I would like to be added on the Killzone boards, but I don't have a ethernet cable plugged on my PS2:( I thought I can better wait till I get a PS3. But the moment I get a PS3 (pretty soon I hope), I will definantly add you to my list.

And yeah I liked the grimmness of the game too. Ahh screw it I'm just gonna say it, I loved the game. It was the first game that got me into FPS, the story was really nice and it reminded me of the movie "Enemy at the Gates".

sandip7874191d ago

thank god its been debunked so quick, i was starting to get my hopes up .....

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The story is too old to be commented.