The Real Problem With Manhunt 2

GWN editor Richard Manley writes, "I can't help but feel that throughout this whole Manhunt 2 fiasco people have missed the point. Personally, I don't see a problem with having an Adults-Only rating category for video games. I believe the ESRB when they declared that Manhunt 2 deserves this rating. Manhunt 2 is a game for adults, or those over 18. No big deal! So, the game received the correct rating. The problem is not the rating system, then.

The problem is that retailers, and console manufacturers refuse to allow adult games to be sold or published. If EB Games, Gamestop, Sony, Nintendo and other major companies involved in the video game industry in one way or another would embrace adult games, just as the film industry has embraced R-rated movies for so many years now, we would not have a problem.

AO-rated games could be sold through normal retailers, and anyone who looked under-age could be asked for ID just as Blockbuster does (or should do) when you rent or purchase an R-rated movie."

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Dark_Overlord4190d ago

At last someone with a valid point

nobizlikesnowbiz4190d ago

Yea good points.

Just as long as the retailers don't give those bad games to the innocent/impressionable youth! Hah!

Naaaa violence ftw! Manhunt giveaway! Free Manhunt 2 copy if you bring your elementary school id's! Have a toddler? Let him learn his motor skills by hacking and slashing on the Wii! Stabbing people with syringes is great fun for all ages!

Ebay3rd4190d ago

Now that makes sense...

Lumbo4190d ago

main problem is that e.g. WalMart does NOT sell AO titles, and WalMart is one heck of a market share in the US.

I agree mainly cause what use would an AO rating have if its not allowed to sell games that fit in there.

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The story is too old to be commented.