Kingdom Under Fire: COD Development Blog Opens

Blueside developers of the Xbox 360 action RPG Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom have joined the blogging world. IGN Blogs are hosting their official development blog. Henry Lee the director talks about his vision for the action/rpg game and we finally get some new screen-shots of the game.

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004187d ago

Reading that makes me want this game.

Jeremy Gerard4187d ago

that was all CGI, there is no way the 360 can handle those kind of grafix with that much activity in the background. This will likely be a game that runs like crap, 360 just does not have the power. The PS3 with the power of the cell could run this game and still look just like the screenshots, but you are a rabid fanboy if you buy this crap they are feeding. The RSX being more powerful than the xeon is simply more capable, the only way I would beleev this is not CGI is if it were a PS3 exclusive, not crapbox 360, there is just no way it can handle that.

Fearless4187d ago

at you calling someone else a rabid fanboy.

004187d ago

are you calling a fanboy?

Jeremy Gerard4187d ago

lol at you being a billy gates bot, now F off you prik

Jeremy Gerard4187d ago

i said what i had to say. just wait xbots, this time next year 360 will be completely forgotten.

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