Vampire Rain: Computer & Video Games Review

Wow. Vampire Rain, if I recall was hailed as Splinter Cell mixed with crackdown in a Gothic enviroment. Sounds Cool. According to this review, 'Dongwater' is the best way to describe this game. DongWater its described. Invisible walls, Super strong goons that kill you in two hits while you unloads a full clip into them. Sure sneak up on your enemies, shoot down. Rain bullets on top of their head, as you are safely perched on a rooftop. Oh wrong game, You can't shoot down.
DongWater! Vampire Drizzle . . .And honestly with this score they gave it, I am surprised its not called Vampire Mist. Oh just Hit the Jump.

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THWIP4190d ago

2.9 Format Xbox 360
Developer Unknown
Publisher Microsoft
Genre Action

If out of 10, that seems a tad harsh...especially since the reviewer didn't manage to do enough research (i.e., 30 seconds with Google), to learn that little-known Jap dev Artoon made the game, and it's published by AQ Interactive (not MS). With so little effort put into basic background info, I seriously doubt they spent more than 5 minutes playing the game. :o

Eclipticus4190d ago

well they gave flatout 8.9 and overlord 6.5. so i'm assuming its out of ten. It does seem a tad harsh. but i havent played it. perhaps, MS published in UK? while AQ published in US?