Wii online Free no more?

While Nintendo DS owners have to shell out a little cash to surf the web on their systems, Wii owners have been able to do it free...but that is about to come to an end. Chances are, if you've managed to get your hands on Nintendo's hot new console, you've also already downloaded the browser, in which case you'll have it for the life of your system. Just in case you haven't though, Nintendo and Opera want to remind you that there's still time to do so, and it won't cost you a penny. However, come July 1st, downloading the browser is going to set you back 500 Wii Points (or $5.00 USD), which, while not a terrible price, is obviously not as good as getting it for free.

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KoolMan4185d ago

The ps3 is not next to charge five, i love it free =)

ChickeyCantor4185d ago

how many of these articals are going to be aproved?
this isnt the first one!

scarlett_rg4185d ago

... and get a proper title on it too. "Wii-online" is HARDLY limited to the use of the Opera browser. The title makes it sound as if Nintendo is going to start charging to have ANY sort of network connection at all.

Torch4185d ago

That was precisely my impression.

My first thought was, "well, how about you OFFER online, before you CHARGE for online?"

But, it was just about the browser...which by the way, Nintendo had announced long, long ago (around the console's launch) that they'd be eventually charging for Opera.

For me, this is a bit of a pleasant surprise, because my impression was that EVERYONE was going to have to pay the five bucks. This article is claiming that those who've already downloaded the browser, can keep it free of charge.

BTW: I love my Wii for web-browsing (it's about all I use if for now). I wish it would allow multiple browser windows, though.

xtrembordr74184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

The Wii Opera Browser is Really cool and all but it seems that all you can really do with it is, well, Browes (hints the name) around, its kinda silly/hard to click letter after letter after letter just to find a website or write something, on lets say n4g, myspace and other places too. Don't mistaken me, I love the Wii Browser; I just think Nintendo or some other Company should make a type of Wiiboard (Wii Keyboard) for this, kind of like what there doing for the 360. Yes, I know most people have computers for that (just like me) but for some people who ONLY use and have the Wii Browser it is probably a little bit difficult to write such long Posts, Letters, and etc.